Rio Grande

Rio Grande (1950)


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Trooper Travis Tyree: Hey, Mister... what time do they blow the horn around here for people t' eat?

Lt. Col. Kirby York: You said it, soldier, that's enough for me.
Mrs. Kathleen York: Ramrod, wreckage and ruin, still the same Kirby York.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Special privileges to special born, still the same Kathleen.

Mrs. Kathleen York: Aren't you gonna kiss me goodbye?
Lt. Col. Kirby York: I never want to kiss you goodbye, Kathleen.

Lt. Col. Kirby York: But put out of your mind any romantic ideas that it's a way of glory. It's a life of suffering and hardship, an uncompromising devotion to your oath and your duty.

Sgt. Maj. Timothy Quincannon: Did any of youse ever ride a horse?
Trooper Travis Tyree: Yeah, some.

Lt. Col. Kirby York: Any liquor in this village?
Trooper Travis Tyree: Mucho tequila. They were slugging it down copious like when I left.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Drums? Singing?
Trooper Travis Tyree: Yes, sir.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Vengeance dance. They'll dance until dawn.

Mrs. Kathleen York: Yankee justice! Arresting that nice young man and charging him with manslaughter, while they promote arsonists to be Sergeant Majors.

Other mistake: In the scene after the children are taken and Col. York and the cavalry ride off to rescue them, Mrs. York is standing holding Sandy's (who remains behind) arm watching them ride away. When they get to the village and Tyree, young York and Sandy leave to scout the village.

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