Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death

Continuity mistake: As Gromit tries to get to the window with the bomb, he is stopped by being hit hard with a large metal oven paddle which swings in from his front right side. When we see Piella holding it, there is a Gromit-shaped dent in it, but it is dented the wrong way, bulging outward on the side he was hit with instead of indented.

Greg B

Continuity mistake: When Piella lifts Gromit away from the table after he searched the soup for poison, his tail is missing.

Wallace: Farewell, my angel cake. You'll always be my Bake-O-Lite Girl.

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Trivia: Was originally made under the title "Trouble At Mill," which is a piece of Northern England slang describing troubles outside of the household... especially workplace-related troubles. It was changed during production, as the filmmakers felt it might be too obscure for general audiences.


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