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Correction: It's also pouring rain, which is slowly washing the mud from her face and arms, as we see by the end of the scene, when the rain has completely washed the mud off her face.


Corrected entry: In the beginning, Shaun San Dena asked the cursed boy's parents what was going on with their son. The mother replied that her son was hearing voices for the last three nights. The Lamia comes and takes the soul on the third day, which means the boy could have only heard the noises for two nights.

Correction: The Lamia is initially depicted as a malevolent spirit and torture's the owner of the accursed object for three days. On the fourth day the Lamia comes after the owner and drags them to hell.

Corrected entry: When Christine is at the gypsy house, she falls on top of the casket, and the old woman's body falls on top of her, expelling a great deal of some type of embalming fluid all over Christine's face and neck. When Christine stands up, she is completely dry.


Correction: This happens several times throughout the film (most noticeable in the "Anvil" scene), and this is to show that the curse is causing Christine mental and physical torment that doesn't necessarily translate into the real world - hence, something might happen to her, but instantly after, she's fine and in good condition. It's all part of Lamia's game - torture her without dealing real damage.


Corrected entry: When the old woman is attacking the bank employee and she smashes the window on her car, she is then able to open it as if it were unlocked all along, without reaching inside the car to unlock it.

Correction: We see the gypsy open the car door but only after a reasonably prolonged look at the girl inside the car getting covered in glass. The brick shattered the window completely, which would instantly expose a push down door lock. I think it is reasonable to say there was enough time for her to have worked the lock first, especially given her haste to reach her intended victim.


Corrected entry: When Christine is thinking of giving Stu the button, when Stu leaves the restaurant, Stu mistakenly begs her not to tell his dad instead of saying his boss.

Correction: This is not a mistake. Stu mentions to Christine about how he wanted to make his dad proud. Although he does not want his boss to know what he did, he also does not want his dad to know, and it appears he is more scared of his dad finding out than his boss, and so he asks her to not tell his dad.


Corrected entry: Rham attempts to give CPR to Shaun San Dena after the encounter with the Lamia. He uses completely wrong hand positioning, would more likely break her collarbone than stimulate her heart, and does the CPR for all of about 10 seconds, which would be useless. There's evidence his character was trained in CPR, as he listens for breath and watches for chest rising properly, so it is not likely he was just making it up as he went along. A person trained in CPR would at least put their hands in the right place. He was not just a couple of inches off, but not even close to where the hands should be placed. Also, CPR must be done continuously until medical aid arrives, not for 10 seconds.


Correction: I have no CPR training, but I would know to watch for breathing. However I would probably put my hands in the wrong place too!


Revealing mistake: When Christine is looking at the obituaries in the café, one of them is for Fredericka S. Freund. However, once you get past the first paragraph the obituary seems to be for Dr. Mary Allen Engle (nee English). Also, they forgot to put "Dr." before Freund's name. It may not be a coincidence that the Property Master for the movie is named Ellen Freund. (01:25:00)

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Trivia: The old gypsy woman's car has a license plate of "99951" which, when flipped over reads "IS666".

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Question: Christine needs $10,000 for a dangerous seance, so she goes to the shed to gather up some items to pawn, whereupon she again encounters Lamia (as Mrs. Ganush). Christine uses her ice skate to slash a rope that conveniently drops a 100-lb blacksmith's anvil on the demon's head. After the demon vanishes, the anvil, rope and chain are seen on the floor where they fell, so it wasn't just a fantasy sequence. Why does petite little Christine Brown (or anybody, for that matter) have a 100-lb blacksmith's anvil suspended 8 feet in the air with rope and chain out in the shed?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Because it's a film and Sam Raimi obviously thought it was funny. But I did also wonder.

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