Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence
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Deliberate mistake: While Laurence is driving to the park trying to find Martha there are closeups of his car en route, and one of the closeups of the front left side of his car is a flipped shot, note the backwards "Saab" and the surface damage which is actually at the right side of his car. (00:56:00)

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Audio problem: Throughout the film, in the long shots of Laurence sat on the psychiatrist's couch, we hear him speaking when his mouth is not moving.


Continuity mistake: When Laurence is about to describe his idea of the perfect woman, Frank has his left hand covering his mouth as he coughs. The shot changes to a different angle and he now has his right hand, holding a cigarette, up to his mouth, whilst his left hand is folded across his abdomen.


Continuity mistake: When Frank and Martha are walking by the river, he is carrying her orange bag. At first he is carrying it hanging by a strap from his shoulder, but when the angle changes he is carrying it by a handle.


Martha: I've heard you British guys are all gentleman. You are British aren't you?
Daniel: English actually.

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