Monsters vs Aliens

Trivia: The main characters are taken from other sci-fi movies. The Missing Link is meant to be The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954); B.O.B. is meant to be The Blob (1958); Ginormica is based on Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman (1958); Dr. Cockroach is copied from The Fly (1958); and Insectosaurus is based on Mosura (1961).


Trivia: When Dr. Cockroach turns on the machine that's meant to shrink Susan, it makes the same noise as when you turn on an Apple computer.


Trivia: When the helicopters and aircraft are firing missiles at the Robot for the first time, one of the missiles says "ET go home" on it, and as it appears onscreen, a couple of bars from the main ET theme can be heard.


Trivia: Above General Monger's right breast pocket (that's our left if you're looking at him) is a badge that is actually wings with Shrek's head in the middle.

Trivia: During the shots of Gallaxhar informing the world about his takeover, the Japan location has Madagascar playing on one of the billboards in the top left corner.

Trivia: After being told Susan has escaped, Galaxar exclaims, "Oh, Spaceballs." Spaceballs was a similar 1987 Mel Brooks science fiction spoof film.

Trivia: This is to be the first movie ever to be produced in real 3-D rather than getting a conversion after completion.

Trivia: Galaxar yells to his clones, "Destroy all monsters!" Destroy All Monsters is the title of a 1968 Japanese film featuring all Toho Studios' monsters, including Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra.

Trivia: When the monsters are making their way to the main power core of Gallaxhar's ship, one of the Gallaxhar clones BOB eats and spits out lets out a Wilhelm scream. (01:13:40)

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Trivia: General W.R. Monger's first name is Warren. The president refers to him by first name during the meeting on the budget for rebuilding San Francisco, after the closing credits have started.

Factual error: Gallaxhar scans the galaxy to find the missing quantonium. The scanner zooms in on earth, showing it to be very close to the center of the galaxy. Earth is actually nowhere near the center of the galaxy; it's located much closer to the outer edge.


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Question: When Susan grew after being affected by the Quantonium meteorite, why do no other life forms, such as insects in the grass, not also grow?

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Chosen answer: Well, it's a fiction movie; some suspension of disbelief is always needed. There could be a number of explanations: for instance, lifeforms such as insects on the grass, bacteria inside them or even grass itself, being unable to absorb quantonium. It might affect only sentient beings. Or Susan might even be the first being to get in contact with the substance - this would be possible depending on the shape of the meteorite container, the exact means by which quantonium touches her body - which isn't shown... but, first and foremost, this happens because its not happening would leave the filmmakers with a plot issue to be dealt with - so, other beings don't grow simply because they don't.

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