Monsters vs Aliens

Galaxhar(Rainn Wilson) captures Susan(Reese Witherspoon) and drains the Quantonium from her, making her small again. The Missing Link(Will Arnett), B.O.B.(Seth Rogen), and Dr. Cockroach(Hugh Laurie) get into the ship and free Susan. They manage to hack into the spaceship's computer and set the ship for self-destruct. This causes the ship to lockdown, seperating Susan from the other monsters. She breaks into the control room and fights Galaxhar. Galaxhar tells Susan that he can't override the lockdown and can't free the monsters. Susan sees that Galaxhar has drained the Quantonium into a glass ball and knocks it loose so that it lands right on her. Susan becomes giant again and saves the monsters. They escape the ship before it blows up, courtesy of Insectosaurus, who has sprouted wings, like a butterfly. General W.R. Monger(Kiefer Sutherland) tells the monsters that there is a monster terrorizing Paris. They all get on Insectosaurus' back and fly off....


Continuity mistake: It's shown in many scenes that the robot Gallaxar sends isn't particularly quick moving when it walks. But when it's chasing Ginormica around the city, even though Ginormica is sprinting away, it can catch her far more quickly than its speed would allow. It doesn't suddenly speed up - in the shots when the camera focuses on the robot again, you can still see it moving slowly.


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The President of the United States: Somebody think of something, and think of it fast!

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Trivia: When Dr. Cockroach turns on the machine that's meant to shrink Susan, it makes the same noise as when you turn on an Apple computer.

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Question: What song was the President playing on the synthesizer?

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