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Corrected entry: When Susan transforms into Ginormica, her dress tears a little, but still manages to stay on and mostly 'grow' along with her. It's a kid's movie, so they couldn't show her in underwear, but it's still a [deliberate] mistake.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Both Susan and the clothing she was wearing at the time were affected by the Quantonium meteorite, so its hardly surprising both her and the clothing grew together. If the clothing had not grown, then even her underwear would not grow, and she'd be standing naked at 50ft tall.

The Yeti

Corrected entry: The tracking station picked up the meteorite but never detected Galaxar's ship.

Correction: Galaxar's ship presumably can evade human technology, a meteorite is just a meteorite.


Corrected entry: Susan's hair appears to change in relative length (this is as noted when she is standing with her head/neck straight). In the scenes at the church, Susan's hair, at the back, hangs to a point ABOVE her shoulder line (and this is in continuity with all prior scenes). When Susan grows, her hair stays the same relative length (proportionally), only changing in colour. She is then knocked-out and captured. In the first scene at the secret facility, when Susan wakes up from her drug-induced sleep, her hair is noticeably longer at the back than at capture, the equivalent of a inch or two (relative to her original height), and hangs about her shoulders. Susan's subsequent actions and dialogue indicate that the location is new/foreign to her. This would imply that she was asleep for some weeks, probably as much as three or four months, which seems unlikely. Susan's fringe does not, however, appear to change in relative length.

Correction: Yes, it did. It covers her right eye partially after she wakes up, whereas it did not before she was captured.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The whole reason for locking Susan up in the facility is to keep her a secret from the outside world. One tiny problem though: About a hundred people at her wedding saw her grow into a giantess. That's not something you forget very easily. Even later, when she visits Derek and her parents, they have little to no reaction to her changed self. Shouldn't the government have taken precautions to make sure they wouldn't blab?

Brad Premium member

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. We don't see what containment measures the Government takes after removing Susan from the wedding; they may have sworn everyone to secrecy or face imprisonment. When Susan goes to visit Derek and her parents the people are the same ones who attended the wedding, they've already seen Susan's big change.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the Golden Gate Bridge scene, B.O.B. does not get off the bridge before it collapses and no one goes back to save him. But he is seen on the remaining half of the bridge looking down on the scene.

Brad Premium member

Correction: It's very quick but as the bridge collapses, you can see Bob standing right at the edge of the where the bridge breaks on the safe side. It's shown right after Susan picks up Dr. Cockroach.

Shannon Jackson

Corrected entry: As a professional synthesizer, the Yamaha DX7 did not have any accompaniment and rhythm components as utilized by the President when greeting the robot. None of the DX-series had anything like that. This was "incorrectly corrected."


Correction: We're talking about a keyboard intended to communicate with alien species, so modification is almost certain. For all we know, ALL of the electronics in the keyboard were replaced or modified.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Cockroach is trying to bring Ginormica back to normal size, Link says, that the Doc has been experimenting with it for over a month. Later in the movie, when Derek is breaking up with Susan, she says "You wouldn't believe my last three weeks!" That means that she says she's been in prison for three weeks, but Link says that she's been there for over a month.

Correction: Not a mistake. Link is simply making an estimate on how long she's been there.

Brad Premium member

Correction: This is not trivia - it's just obvious observations from watching the movie.

Brenda Elzin

Plot hole: When the asteroid first approaches Earth it does so very quickly, but then it takes hours to finally enter the atmosphere and land on Susan.

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News reporter: Once again, a UFO has landed in America, the only country UFOs ever seem to land in.

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Trivia: When Dr. Cockroach turns on the machine that's meant to shrink Susan, it makes the same noise as when you turn on an Apple computer.

Brad Premium member

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Question: When Susan grew after being affected by the Quantonium meteorite, why do no other life forms, such as insects in the grass, not also grow?

The Yeti

Chosen answer: Well, it's a fiction movie; some suspension of disbelief is always needed. There could be a number of explanations: for instance, lifeforms such as insects on the grass, bacteria inside them or even grass itself, being unable to absorb quantonium. It might affect only sentient beings. Or Susan might even be the first being to get in contact with the substance - this would be possible depending on the shape of the meteorite container, the exact means by which quantonium touches her body - which isn't shown... but, first and foremost, this happens because its not happening would leave the filmmakers with a plot issue to be dealt with - so, other beings don't grow simply because they don't.

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