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Corrected entry: In the scene where Victoria is viewing the House of Hanover family tree for the first time, there is listed under her uncle, William IV and her aunt, Queen Adelaide the names of two deceased daughters, Charlotte (d. 1819) and Elizabeth (d. 1820). Yet, William IV and Queen Adelaide had no children (although William had 10 "illegitimate" children through a previous relationship). Charlotte (d. 1819) was actually the deceased daughter of the previous King, George IV, William's elder brother. "Elizabeth" did not exist, as George IV had no other children, the second brother, Frederick, had no children at all, and William had no children by Adelaide. (00:02:20)


Correction: I'm sorry, but King William IV did indeed father two daughters by Queen Adelaide when they were still Duke and Duchess of Clarence. HRH Princess Charlotte of Clarence died on the day of her birth, 27th March 1819. HRH Princess Elizabeth of Clarence died aged almost 3 months on 4th March 1821 and has a memorial statue by W. Scoular in St George's Chapel, Windsor.

Corrected entry: Approx. 30 minutes into the film there is a banquet at which King William (Jim Broadbent) gets blind drunk and shouts at his sister-in-law, the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson). Shortly before his 'outpouring' watch carefully the wine glasses being filled. Or not. One glass becomes more empty - the film has been reversed.


Correction: This is intentional to show that the King is quite drunk and is not completely himself. You see right after the reversed pouring of the wine he blinks his eyes and looks confused.

Factual error: Prince Albert was not really wounded in the assassination attempt depicted near the end of the film. Eyewitness accounts differed as to whether he pushed Victoria down to protect her or simply dived for cover himself, but neither of the two bullets fired struck either of them.


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Duchess of Sutherland: Look at that demure little head. And all of us wondering what's inside it.
Lord Melbourne: We'll find out soon enough.

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