Enchanted April
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Rose: Caroline's right. The mind slips sideways. How could I invite him? What would we talk about? The truth is... I bore him, and there's no way back. No, if you bore somebody, it's almost impossible to un-bore him.

Lottie: Did you know Keats?
Mrs. Fisher: Keats! No I didn't, and I didn't know Shakespeare or Chaucer either.

Mellersh Wilkins: Lady Caroline, housekeeping for a party that includes my wife - you render me speechless! You do know she's the daughter of Lord Dester, THE Lord Dester?
Mrs. Fisher: Ah! Well that accounts for it then. The botch-up her father made in his department during the war was a national scandal.
Mellersh Wilkins: They never could actually prove anything.

Caroline: I've wasted so much time being beautiful.

Mrs. Fisher: All my dead friends don't seem worth reading tonight. They always say the same things. Good things, but always the same.

Mrs. Fisher: Really.
Lottie: Really what?
Mrs. Fisher: Well... really.

Caroline: I want to just sit and not talk and not have to be the centre of attention all the time. You know what that's like don't you?
Rose: No.

Lottie: I was just thinking about cuckoos for some reason. It's odd.
Mrs. Fisher: Very odd.

Caroline: It's odd how ones mind slips sideways in a place like this.

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