Green Card

Question: When Georges is being deported back to France, why didn't Brontë go with him? They realised they were in love with each other plus there was nothing stopping her from going to France with him.

Answer: It's implied she will be coming with him when George says he will write to ask 'when are you coming cherie?' and the way they laugh and exchange rings. She just has to wrap up loose ends in NY then she'll be on her way to him.

Continuity mistake: It's Friday when Georges comes by to spend the weekend with Brontë; when he arrives, it's sunset. (We can tell by the color of the sky.) Then they're at the grocery store and it's magically lunchtime, because Lauren comes back to the apartment and Brontë's angry that Georges invited Lauren to stay "for lunch."

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Brontë Mitchell Faure: We don't have to like each other. We just have to get married.

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