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Lillian Whitehouse Horner: God, you make me sick.
Wade Whitehouse: What?
Lillian Whitehouse Horner: I can't believe you would you sink this low.
Wade Whitehouse: Low as what? What have I done?
Lillian Whitehouse Horner: Your lawyer called.
Wade Whitehouse: Yeah. Is it bad to want to see your own daughter?

Wade Whitehouse: Lillian, listen to me. I don't want her to go.
Lillian Whitehouse Horner: Please don't make a scene. I am not trying - nobody is trying to win a round, so don't make it any worse than it is.
Wade Whitehouse: Well I'm not making it any worse, you are.

Wade Whitehouse: I think there's some dirty business going on in this town.

Rolfe Whitehouse: But at least I was never afflicted by that man's violence.
Wade Whitehouse: That's what you think.

Lena Whitehouse: How about you Rolfe? Are you saved?
Rolfe Whitehouse: No, I'm not.
Lena Whitehouse: But then you'll be in hell.
Rolfe Whitehouse: I guess I will. Me and Mom and Wade and Pop. We'll all be there together.

Jill: Don't worry Dad. I love you, I really do. But I wanna go home.

Lena Whitehouse: Jesus is more powerful than any demon.
Glen Whitehouse: Oh go fuck yourself.

Wade Whitehouse: Love? What the fuck do you know about love?
Glen Whitehouse: Love? I'm made of love.

Margie Fogg: What on earth's happening to you?

Wade Whitehouse: You know she won't be here for a half hour. You think you can stand it here that long?

Glen Whitehouse: You done finely...done it like a man.

Gordon LaRiviere: That's what I love about this small town. Everyone knows everyone.

Wade Whitehouse: It's not funny now. I'm a cop and I gotta listen to all the complaints people make. I'm not a kid anymore. You change.
Jill: I bet you did lots of bad things.
Wade Whitehouse: What are you talking about?
Jill: I just think you used to be bad.
Wade Whitehouse: No. I didn't used to be bad. No sir. Where do you get this stuff? From your mother?
Jill: No. She doesn't talk about you anymore.

Wade Whitehouse: You know I get the feeling like a whipped dog some days. Some night I'm gonna bite back, I swear.

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