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Corrected entry: Andy (Bill Pullman) is at his desk working late when the bulb in his desk lamp goes out. He calls to his secretary, who's just left, then goes down to the basement for a new light bulb. He picks it up, then sees a light from a room across the hall. He puts the bulb down, then goes to check out the lighted room. He finds that someone's been staying in there. Suddenly, the janitor appears behind him and they have a conversation. Andy leaves the room to head back upstairs when the janitor appears behind him and attacks him. During their struggle, the scene flashes from the fight to the light bulb dropping and shattering on the ground...BUT he put the light bulb down before visiting the room AND was never shown returning to the shelf to pick it up, so he wouldn't have had it during the fight.

Correction: Andy picks up the light bulb from the shelf and he puts the wrapper (not the bulb) on the shelf. He carries the bulb to the janitor's bedside table where he puts it down, but he picked it up again after the janitor surprises him. Then, as Andy walks away, the janitor attacks him and Andy drops the bulb where it shatters on the hard floor.


Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the film, when the girl is biking home, it's daylight. She gets home and is attacked. In the next scene when the ambulances are shown rushing to her rescue, it's pitch black outside. Did the sun go down really quickly, or is the ambulance service just really slow in that town?

Correction: It's late afternoon and apparently an autumn day (we see kids leaving school, and they're dressed warmly), so the sun could have set early. Plus, we don't know how long the attack took and when the girl (or anyone else) was able to call 911, so yes, it could very well have been dark by the time the ambulance was dispatched.

Factual error: Dr Hill says he's a cardiothoracic surgeon, so what's he doing operating on a woman that needs a gynaecologist surgeon? When doctors specialise, that's it, they do not swap and move in other fields, the only time this would happen is in an absolute emergency, as in if there was only one doctor on duty. But that wasn't the case here.


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Jed: Bad things happen to good people all the time, Andy, for no reason what-so-ever.

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Question: Why does Dana have a nurse's outfit on at the end?

Answer: She was posing as the mother of the little boy who lived adjacent to Andy and Tracy.

Alan Keddie

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