Race to Witch Mountain
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Jack Bruno: Don't go in the pimped out fridge Jack.

Jack Bruno: You do know how to fly this thing, right?
Tony: How do you think we got here?
Jack Bruno: Well, you crashed. Remember?

Tia: My brother and I, we're not from your planet.
Jack Bruno: Well, you don't look like aliens.
Tia: What's an alien look like?
Jack Bruno: You know what aliens look like! They're like little green people with antennas, and "Take me to your leader, Earthlings!"

Race to Witch Mountain mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Seth and Sara are captured outside Witch Mountain, the amount of stubble on Jack's face changes. It's all down his jaw line and on his face, and then is only on his chin and lip. (01:11:50)

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Question: What's the name of the song the woman is singing at the restaurant in Stony Creek?

Answer: It was either Southern Night or Boogie Woogie Saturday Night.

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