Inglourious Basterds

Other mistake: At the very beginning, the first cut to Mr Lapadite he has an axe in his hand, ready to strike (and we heard two strike sounds before), but there is no log to cut. (00:03:17)

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Suggested correction: He is cutting the stump. We see him actively cut it too, not only ready to strike.


Factual error: Before the Kino operation, Shosanna makes a sexy move showing her side, acting like a styled actress and says "Catherine Deneuve." Meaning that at that time Catherine Deneuve must have been some well-known French actress. The problem is that Catherine Deneuve was born in 1943, so in 1944 she was probably 1 year old.

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Suggested correction: That's not the name said. He calls her "Danielle Darrieux", a French actress who was born in 1917.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are playing 20 questions, the barmaid and the barman are invited to join in, in the next shot they are back behind the bar and then a few moments later they are playing 20 questions again.


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Lt. Aldo Raine: Each and every man under my command owes me one hundred Nazi scalps... And I want my scalps!

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Trivia: A dummy of Quentin Tarintino is used as one of the scalped dead Nazis in the scene where the basterds are in the valley and Donny beats the German officer into a pulp.


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Question: In the scenes leading up to the shoot-out in the bar, the German Major says that the Captain just gave himself away. I am assuming that he is referring to the fact that the Captain held up three fingers when asking for only three glasses. I don't see how this is a give-away. Can someone please explain?


Chosen answer: It is explained shortly afterwards that a real German would hold up his thumb, index and middle fingers to indicate three. Since, the major already suspects the Captain of being a spy, holding up his index, middle and ring fingers to indicate three confirms this.


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