Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom
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Brandy: Now listen up. Life is the script, Noah. You're the writer of your own life. It's time to take control.

Ricky: I love you. Not as a friend or as a girlfriend, more than that. And every guy I meet pales in comparison, they're just bodies. I love you. And the words burn to my mouth because I know you don't love me.
Noah: Ricky.
Ricky: Not that way, I know. It's my burden and I'm sorry if it sometimes makes me act like a jerk. But I know one thing.
Noah: What?
Ricky: I will always have your back. Always. And I know something else. You love Wade.

Brandon: Wade was in a car accident?
Ricky: Noah nursed him back to health.
Brandon: That's so romantic.
Ricky: Except what lead to the crash was a fight between Wade and his boyfriend, after he caught Wade and Noah gettin' busy.
Brandon: Sounds like a soap opera.
Ricky: Which is exactly why it won't work. Life is not a soap opera.

Brandon: But what about the whole top-bottom thing? Isn't that kind of limiting? Kind of like a parody of heterosexual relationships?
Wade: What do you mean?
Brandon: Because, like I'm versatile, right? So, do you ever want Mr. Nicholson to fuck you?
Wade: Who says he doesn't already?

Noah: So we release them, and then?
Brandon: They fly away?
Wade: This time of year, wouldn't they just freeze to death?
Ricky: The perfect metaphor for the joys of marriage.

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