G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are transporting the warheads with the Apache air escorts, just as Duke says, "I thought we were done with this conversation," about five and a half minutes in, there seems to be a passenger coach in the middle of the desert very close to the secret base. (They don't see or acknowledge it.) (00:05:40)

Correction: Watched that part over and over looking for it. Only thing visible then is a vehicle in front of theirs. It is not civilian, but another Hummer in the convoy.

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Corrected entry: It's both surprising and humorously ironic that Storm Shadow fights his final battle with a katana and wakizashi joined together at the hilt, considering his opponent, Snake Eyes, is played by Ray Park who is better known to the world as the double bladed lightsaber wielding Darth Maul.

Correction: That's not trivia is a coincidence at best especially since it is not Ray Park wielding the double-blade weapon.


Corrected entry: At the end of the Hummer chase through Paris the Hummer gets hit by a train on its right side, hitting the front right bumper. However when the Hummer finally lands, it is the front left bumper that has the impact damage, while the front right bumper is barely touched.

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Correction: The train hits the right REAR bumper of the Hummer. The damage to the front of the Hummer is from the bus crash at the beginning of the chase.

Corrected entry: A few errors aside from Duke's change in rank, is that Ripcord is Enlisted. Even special forces Enlisted do not fly jets. Also, I understand that special forces are allowed to grow facial hair and keep long hair as part of blending in during operations, but Duke has a somewhat regulation hair cut and a manicured goatee. In his formal dress uniform, he would not be allowed to keep that little chin stubble.

Correction: Ripcord only flys a jet at the end of the movie, at the start in the vehicle with Duke, he is considering changing careers to the Air Force. At the end of the movie when he is in the jet, he is part of the Joes, which is a special organisation and obviously does not have the same rule set.


Corrected entry: In the great fight between the smaller subs, one of the Joe's small subs is hit and a crew-member is seen being blown out of his cockpit due to the impact. He screams, probably in agony. Oddly enough, he manages to do so under water. The funny part is that we are able to hear it.

Correction: At this point in the film we're listening to the comm chatter between the subs. It is entirely likely that the unfortunate Joe getting blown out of his sub could scream over his "in-helmet" communication gear before he expired due to his injuries or sub zero temperatures.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, the G.I. Joes head for the north pole to rescue Duke. In several of the scenes outside the base you can see mountains in the background but there are no mountains anywhere near the north pole - it is just ice.

Correction: The Arctic Cordillera mountain range. Look it up on Wikipedia , there 19 mountains ranging from 5000 to over 8000 feet in height. There is more than just ice in the arctic.

Corrected entry: After the chase in Paris, Stormshadow climbs out of the Hummer and grabs a warhead, but takes the kill-switch from another warhead (the one beneath). So in fact, the kill-switch wouldn't work on the warhead fired into the Eiffel Tower. (00:59:05)


Correction: There are four warheads and four kill switches in the suitcase. Since we are not briefed on the layout of the suitcase, we must believe that the two warheads facing to the right are controlled by the two kill switches on the right (and vice versa for the warheads on the left).


Corrected entry: In the scene where Duke and Ana are escaping the Cobra base, both Duke and Ana enter the same submarine. As Duke pulls away from the crumbling base, Ana is nowhere to be seen. A short time later, Ana reappears sitting right behind Duke in the sub.

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Correction: Incorrect. She is behind him on the right the whole time. You can see a glimpse of her as he pulls away. A very quick glimpse but she is there.


Corrected entry: On the "East Africa" battle scene when the choppers come in from the left, you can see snow capped mountains behind.

Correction: And the mistake is ? There are some of the highest and longer mountain ranges along "East Africa". Given that the movie does not specify which "East African" country it is, it could be one of many country with high mountain ranges. Mount Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania which is an "East African" country. It has a snow cap.


Corrected entry: In Paris, when Ripcord jumps through the train he exits out the window directly across the window he entered. This would be impossible since the train is moving perpendicular to the direction of the jump of the G.I. He should have exited the window to the right of the window entered (farther up from the camera), because the train was moving to the left (towards the camera).


Correction: Not if he angled his jump accordingly. Also, the shot was in slow motion; he wasn't in the train as long as he appeared to be.

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Corrected entry: After firing the nano-mite missile, Storm Shadow jumps out of the building, falls a couple of stories and catches onto the Cobra ship. However, in the next shot the Cobra ship is at the same floor Storm Shadow jumped out of, and he is just clambering into the ship.

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Correction: So where's the mistake? The ship was climbing when Storm Shadow jumped, and it took some time to pull himself up and in. Just because the action sequence skipped ahead to keep the action flowing, rather than grind to a halt while we wait for the ship to climb, does not mean there's a mistake. It's an editing technique called pacing.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the bad guys are in Paris trying to get to the Eiffel tower their car/van is eventually turned over & blows up. Despite Storm shadow and the Baroness climbing out alive, Storms suit is still pristine white as he climbs out and runs off.

Correction: Incorrect. Storm Shadow's suit is quite dirty from before the accident.


Corrected entry: They call Duke Captain, but during the flashback scene of four years earlier, when Duke proposes, he's wearing the rank of Major on his dress blues.

Correction: It was mentioned that he was scouted for GI Joe 2 years prior to the events in the movie but there was an issue with a bar fight and that he had "issues". He may have been demoted.


Corrected entry: Ice floats. It shouldn't come crashing down on the Arctic base.

Correction: Maybe if it was just ice, but the ice surrounding the Arctic Base had tons upon tons of steel and other metals running through it, changing its weight significantly so that when all the explosions dislodged the ice chunks, they sink instead of float. And considering we're talking about Cobra here, it's entirely possible they injected some solution (perhaps an offshoot of the nanites) to make the ice stronger as a foundation.

Factual error: In the underwater scene when Rex blows up the ice pack, ice appears to be denser than water in this situation. The ice sinks when it's blown up, and even if there were pieces of metal on top of the ice, it shouldn't. Some pieces the size of a five-story building have no metal and still sink. (01:43:00)

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Question: In the flashback scene of Rex entering the secret facility, what was he looking at on all of the computer screens and why would he use them later on after he faked his death?

Answer: He was seeing some of the first footage of experiments with the Nanobots by Dr. Mindbender. And the whole plot of the movie is about him using them weaponized and for replacing the president.

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