Dragonball Evolution

Stupidity: The characters wish for the resurrection of just one person (Roshi) rather than everyone killed by Piccolo as would be natural (and as they do in anime and manga). Okay, Piccolo in this movie sucks at killing and resurrecting Muten covers 50% of the total body count, but they can't know that.

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Stupidity: Goku defeats the henchwoman of Piccolo in the lava pit quite easily; she looks human. He is quite content to just push her off-camera with a smack, and nobody cares about trying to talk to her, figure out Piccolo's location and plan, or anything like that. Everyone just forgets about her, and it turns out she even eavesdrops on the lot before leaving. Someone would so casual about meeting and defeating the mysterious enemy only in a movie where you know the script already. (00:46:40)

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Stupidity: The bullies run their car straight into someone they think is a total wimp (Goku) at full speed, crushing his bike. It's not a dystopian future, had Goku been a normal person they would have straight up murdered / crippled him for no reason at all. They are portrayed as a group of jocks, not homicidal maniacs committing roadkill on their way to school. It has also to be noted that Goku was parking his bike in a car parking spot, where nobody would just put a bicycle - but it is needed by the plot so that the bullies can casually crush his property. (00:06:35)

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Stupidity: The high tech security vault of Capsule Corporation has inches thick steel doors, laser security, guards...and a glass covered skylight on the other end of a wall. (00:25:05)

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Continuity mistake: Goku slides on the ground and gets a faceful of a mushy watermelon. When he stands, his shirt is dirty and with pulp all over, but his cheek and hair are clean and dry. (00:03:40)

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Master Roshi: In an ancient time, Earth was nearly destroyed. Not by man, but by Gods from the sky.

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Trivia: James Marsters signed onto the film because his son was a big "Dragonball" anime fan, and because he was told the film would be the start of a massive franchise. When he signed on, it was reported that Stephen Chow would produce and possibly direct, and the movie would have a $120 million budget. After he signed on, another director was brought on board and the budget was slashed all the way down to $30 million.


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