Major League

The Cleveland Indians have been slumping for the past 30 years when their owner dies and his wife, an ex-Las Vegas showgirl, takes over. She wants to drop attendance below 800,000 so she can move the team to Miami, so she signs a bunch of misfit players, including Jake Taylor, a past-his-prime catcher; Ricky Vaughn, a convicted felon with a wild fastball; and Pedro Cerrano, a voodoo power-hitting outfielder. However, these players, when they have "something to bring it all together," may not be as bad as the owner hopes....

Character mistake: The sign for the hotel where Jake is staying at in Mexico says Tengo Quarto's para Renta. The word is spelled wrong. It should say CUARTOS. Also, there is no apostrophe s in cuartos. It is plural, not possessive.

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Boyfriend: Stay away from her.
Jake Taylor: Suck. My. Dick.

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Question: Rene Russo is listed in the credits as Lynn Wells, but in both the restaurant and when Jake asked for her on the phone with the Cuyahoga sheet metal place, they pronounce her name Westland. I even checked the subtitles. Did I miss something? They don't tell us Tom's last name but a playoff game for a divisional title would be about Oct 3rd when they were supposed to get married? Right?

Kim Robb

Answer: Lynn's last name is Westland. The credits have it incorrectly listed as Wells. There is no explanation for the error.


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