Major League

Other mistake: In the scene before the one game playoff Bob Uecker states that the Indians are going for their first league championship in over 30 years. In reality the win gives them a division championship and not a league championship. (01:20:08)

Other mistake: After Vaughn strikes out Heywood in the playoff game for the third out, New York's first base coach remains in the coach's box as the players leave the field. He doesn't plan to coach for the Indians now, does he? (01:32:35)


Other mistake: During the opening credits the newspaper headlines say: "Can the ex-showgirl turn the team around?" If you read the article under the caption, it is describing a basketball game. (03:22:00)


Other mistake: During the one game playoff against the Yankees, the runner Taylor picks off at first base has the same number as the batter who had just struck out. Also, the number they both wear has been long since retired by the Yankees and therefore no player could ever wear it again. Again, in the first game against the Yankees, the first base coach also has the same number, making it three Yankee players with the number 37.

Other mistake: When the waiter informs Taylor's ex that she has a phone call, he says "Call for you, Miss Russo" which is the character's real last name.

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Suggested correction: She says "Ms. Weslin, there's a telephone call for you." Weslin is Lynn's last name.


Other mistake: Roger says to Jake that he's going to be a free agent next year, which he's excited about and why he doesn't want to risk injury, but then when he learns of the owner's plan and that he'll be given his release next year, which is the same as free agency, he's upset. Plus you can't be given your release when your contract ends, which it must be if he thought he was going to be a free agent.


Other mistake: Near the end of the movie, Ricky Vaughn strikes out the Yankees' best player, ending the inning. As they walk off the field, the Yankees' Third Base coach is still in the coaches' box. He has no need to be, he should be off the field.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Pedro is explaining how Jobu will help him "take fear from bats", he sticks a cigarette in Jobu's mouth and lights it. Then when he turns around to speak to Eddie in the next shot, the cigarette has been replaced by a cigar. (00:18:25)


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Boyfriend: Stay away from her.
Jake Taylor: Suck. My. Dick.

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Question: What brand of rum does Cerano have in his locker for Jobu?

Answer: At about 17 min. in is the best view of the bottle, it says "Bonded" at the top of the label, then just "Jamaca Rum". Below that you can barely make out "A Product of..." the rest is too out of focus.

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