Mutiny on the Bounty

Trivia: When Bligh tells Christian not to touch the chief's daughter, the chief is offended. Once Bligh has been told of this - Christian knows; it was him who said to the translator, "You better tell the Captain himself; I don't think he'd believe me" - he sends for Christian, who feigns complete ignorance and prolongs the discussion, until Bligh has to order Christian to have sex with the girl. Christian says "Well, I'll do my best, " and leaves with a smile on his face. Maimiti accompanied Christian to Pitcairn, in real life, and had 3 children with him until he died at a very young age of 29. And, in real life, Brando and the actress who played Maimiti were married for 10 years and had 4 children together.


Trivia: Fletcher Christian did not die as a result of a fire on board the Bounty, as shown in the film. He was killed much later by Tahitians during a conflict in 1793.


Trivia: In the film, Bligh and Christian meet at the first sailing of the Bounty. In reality, they did not meet until the Bounty sailed from Spithead for Tahiti in December of 1787.


Factual error: In the film, the mutiny occurs during the day, when Bligh allows a crewman to die of thirst. The actual mutiny occurred in the middle of the night, when Christian and several followers entered Bligh's cabin and awakened him.


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Captain Bligh: While our mission remains unfulfilled I'm not in any port, Mr Fryer, I'm command where you may find one day it's always lonely. You see, command allows no intimacies. You can hardly expect unquestioning obedience from last night's partner in a debauch.

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