Trivia: The song that Coraline's father is singing whilst making dinner, is the same song that he sings to Coraline as a lullaby in the book.


Trivia: In the dream sequence at the end, when the ghost children (now golden angel-like figures) thank Coraline, watch the background - it is a nice visual compliment to Vincent Van Gogh, the great Dutch painter, whose masterpiece "Starry Night" inspired the swirly blue and yellow lights. What makes the compliment a bit quirky: Van Gogh painted "Starry Night" while he was a patient at the mental asylum in Saint Rémy, and he committed suicide 13 months after completing the painting. (01:28:40)


Trivia: On average, it took an entire week of production to complete 1.5 minutes of film footage.


Trivia: During the Other father piano song scene, the other father's slippers are Monkeybone slippers. Monkeybone is another film directed by Henry Selick.

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Trivia: Their work completed, the movers leave and one of them receives a small tip from Coraline's mother. Watch the face on the one-dollar bill: it is not that of George Washington, but Henry Selick, director of the film. (00:03:15)


Trivia: Laika had to hire a professional to sew the clothing for the puppets. Why? Because the knitting needle was as thin as human hair.


Trivia: The decoration Mr. Bobinsky wears is a Hero of Chernobyl medal, issued to those who displayed gallant action in response to the April 1986 nuclear disaster in the Soviet Union. That might explain why his skin is like that.


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Trivia: When the movers arrive and open the van you can see some graffiti on the bottom right corner of the door saying "StopMoRulz". Quite correct. (00:02:50)


Trivia: The ghost children call the other mother her true name, Beldam. "Beldam" has two meanings: an old, ugly woman, and grandma.


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Trivia: The blossoms on the trees are actually painted popcorn pieces. The crew spent over 800 hours painting 250,000 of them. (Source: Wired magazine).


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Continuity mistake: During Coraline's first meal with her Other Mother and Father, just before Coraline says "I'm real thirsty." there are two drinking glasses to her right, the one she uses a couple seconds later and a smaller one. After the cut to the chandelier lowering, it goes back to Coraline and the smaller glass has completely vanished.


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Cat: You realize you're going right into her trap.
Coraline Jones: They're my parents.
Cat: Challenge her, then! She has a *thing* for games. She won't be able to resist.

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Question: At the very end of the movie when the camera is moving away from Coraline's garden two of my friends pointed out that the garden looked like something. I watched it again and thought I saw a face but wasn't entirely sure, anyone know what it's supposed to look like?

Answer: Opinion is divided - it's either Coraline's face, or the other mother. No-one seems able to decide which.

Answer: As the previous question said, opinion is still divided. Although there is a theory going around that the house used to be the Beldam's house that was built in her favor, so it would make sense why the garden's shape was the Beldam's face. Hope this helped to enlighten this question a little more.

Answer: The other mother made a reality appealing to Coraline when she went through the door since she thought her real house was such a bore. Her real house probably already looked like Coraline's face but the other mother planted flowers and plants to colour in the sketch. The other mother didn't really make anything or add anything to Coraline's other house, though she did add her own little twist to it, making it more vibrant, colourful and full of life, unlike Coraline's drab house.

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