Repo! The Genetic Opera

Trivia: In the film's original cut, the Grave Robber was in more sequences directly interacting with Shilo. During editing, in order to get the film to a shorter running length, several of his scenes were cut, and he became more of a narrator than a featured character.

Trivia: This film is actually the middle of an intended trilogy. Director Darren Lynn Bousman has created plans for both a prequel and a sequel with the creators of the original stage play upon which this film is based. Due to the limited theatrical release, the fate of the follow-ups will depend solely on DVD sales.

Trivia: Alexa Vega had gotten a tattoo of a cross on the bottom of her foot, and had to be careful during production to not let it be seen. She later stated it was a "stupid thing to do" in the DVD commentary. It is visible in a few brief instances, however, such as when she is on her bed, pretending to sing with Mag shortly before Rotti sends her the first message.

Trivia: When the film was initially being shopped around to possible producers, the director and creators approached Universal, who were interested but had one peculiar demand- the musical sequences be cut. Director Darren Lynn Bousman refused, as the main draw of the project was the fact it was a rock opera, and Universal chose not to pursue the project. "Coincidentally", shortly after the falling out, Universal announced a film entitled "Reposession Mambo", which had a suspiciously similar central premise to "Repo." (And while it was supposedly to be based on a novel, said novel hadn't even been published at the time.) "Reposession Mambo" was later released as "Repo Men", and in addition to sharing a premise many feel was taken from "Repo", the producers of "Repo Men" also went so far as to poach crew members and extras from Repo's production.

Trivia: If you look closely, during the song "21st Century Cure", several of the gravestones feature names of the producers.


Trivia: The only celebrity to make a cameo in the film is rock legend Joan Jett. The filmmakers didn't want the film to have any cameos and only decided to let Jett appear because her role is in a "fantasy musical sequence" had by the main character, so it makes sense that a celebrity she looks up to would appear.

Trivia: Director Darren Lynn Bousman originally refused to let Paris Hilton audition because he thought it would feel like a gimmick and was worried it would be labeled "stunt casting" by critics. He eventually relented and was so impressed with her audition, he instantly hired her.

Audio problem: Right before the end credits, as Grave Robber says "But Genco may survive if it undergoes surgery", right as Grave Robber says the word "may", his lips briefly don't match what is being said. (Confirmed in DVD commentary.).


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Amber Sweet: So you think you've got heart? So you think you've got balls? So you think Mag can sing?
Shilo Wallace: I don't think nothing at all.
Amber Sweet: So you think Mag's got pipes? Well, it's my turn to shine. When the Repo Man strikes!
Shilo Wallace: What are you talking about?

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Question: When Rotti is outside of Marni's tomb, he says 'You forced my hand and made me do'. What's he referring to?


Chosen answer: Marni "forcing" him to kill her when she rejected him for Nathan.

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