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Corrected entry: When Mag rips her own eyes out at the end of the movie, for the first few shots, the eyes are skewered on her "finger armors", but then they suddenly disappear between cuts and are never seen again. The cut is instant, so there is no time for her to have dropped them.

Correction: You can actually see them slip off a split second before the cut.


Corrected entry: During the song "21st Century Cure" (the graveyard scene), when The Graverobber takes out his tools and it cuts to Shilo, you can see her push up against the tombstone and it slightly bends. (00:10:40)


Correction: The 'bending' is actually the gravestone tipping over slightly.


Corrected entry: In the scene of "21st Century Cure", the gravestone moves back easily when Shilo leans back and looks around the gravestone. (00:10:40)


Correction: And this is why it's not unheard of to see grave stones toppled over in cemetaries.

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Corrected entry: During the song "Chase the Morning," Mag says, "We have both been kept in bondage," yet a few seconds later she has no clue about her being kept in her room and gets told about it. (00:52:15 - 00:53:00)


Correction: If you listen to the dialogue/lyrics, after the line about "bondage", Mag never says anything that implies she didn't know of Shilo's being locked away. That was why she said the bondage line in the first place.


Corrected entry: In the song "Chase the Morning" Mag sings to Shiloh about having her mom's eyes and hair, but Shiloh wears a wig.


Correction: Two things. First, Mag does not know that Shilo is wearing a wig, hence it is just a slip-up for her and not a mistake. Secondly, we do not know how/when/from what the wig was made, so in all probability, Nathan had the wig tailored to resemble Shilo's mother's hair, as evidenced by his love and guilt for his deceased wife.


Corrected entry: In the song "We Started This Op'ra Shit", when it goes to the view from the DJ Booth (where the old lady is) you can see a cameraman with a tripod off to the side of the rows of people. (01:08:25)


Correction: This would be a great mistake, with the exception that the man we see is meant to be a character within the film, who is recording the opera with a camera on a tripod, not the kind of camera used for the film shoot.


Corrected entry: During the song "At the Opera Tonight", when Nathan says, "No chance for peace," he brings the mask forward with it facing toward him. Then in the next cut to him, it is facing the other way around. (01:06:20)


Correction: Two problems: the sequence is a montage, and is not shown in real time. Secondly, there is at least a four-second time gap between these shots, in which he could have turned the mask around, so that he could actually put it on.


Revealing mistake: During the song "Mark it Up", when Pavi supposedly snatches the panties/thongs off of the two girls, you can see they are already in his hands before he does so.

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Nathan Wallace: I'm the monster. I'm the villain. What perfection. What precision! Keen incisions, I deliver. Unscathed organs, I deliver. Repossession, I deliver. I'm the Repo! Legal assassin!

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Trivia: In the film's original cut, the Grave Robber was in more sequences directly interacting with Shilo. During editing, in order to get the film to a shorter running length, several of his scenes were cut, and he became more of a narrator than a featured character.

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Question: When Rotti is outside of Marni's tomb, he says 'You forced my hand and made me do'. What's he referring to?


Chosen answer: Marni "forcing" him to kill her when she rejected him for Nathan.

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