Repo! The Genetic Opera

Audio problem: Right before the end credits, as Grave Robber says "But Genco may survive if it undergoes surgery", right as Grave Robber says the word "may", his lips briefly don't match what is being said. (Confirmed in DVD commentary.).


Revealing mistake: During the song "Mark it Up", when Pavi supposedly snatches the panties/thongs off of the two girls, you can see they are already in his hands before he does so.

Continuity mistake: During the song "Night Surgeon", when Pavvi says: "He'll paint your ass like a Rembrandt", Luigi's face changes from looking at Pavvi to looking at Nathan between cuts.


Audio problem: In the song "At the Opera Tonight", when Luigi is pulling out his knife, the unsheathing of his blade is the sound of a full sized sword and continues a little after it is all the way pulled out.


Continuity mistake: When Shilo and Nathan are singing to each other as Nathan is dying, in some shots Shilo is rubbing Nathan's chin, and in others her hand is on Nathan's chest.


Other mistake: At the beginning of the song "Bloodbath", the newspaper that The Graverobber is holding is headlined, "GENECO IN OPERA FUED". (01:07:35)


Deliberate mistake: Several times, you see an exterior shot of Nathan's house, and it is very clear that it is the same shot being used over and over, sometimes reversed.


Deliberate mistake: If you look closely, you can tell the shot of Shilo riding the elevator to the top of GeneCo tower is the same shot from the beginning of the movie (when Rotti rides the elevator down to the ground), only reversed. The distinct camera angle and movement gives it away.


Continuity mistake: In the song "Chase the Morning," when Mag lifts off her hood, she takes it down completely, and then in the next angle she is taking it down again.


Continuity mistake: During the song "Night Surgeon", after the man in the chair has his throat slit, between cuts Pavi's mirror will disappear in his hand, and Luigi also moves a few feet in front and behind Nathan in between shots. (00:50:15)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the song "Let the Monster Rise", when Nathan gets on his feet and it cuts to Shilo, the shovel she dropped is facing upward. When she goes to grab the Repo mask, the shovel is facing downward. (01:17:15)


Continuity mistake: During the song "Mark It Up", when the Gentern splatters the brain on Luigi, at the next cut the blood moves lower down to the middle of his shirt, then at the next cut it disappears completely, only to reappear in the next cut. (00:22:30)


Continuity mistake: In "Chase the Morning", Shilo's cameo necklace alternates between being face up and face down in different shots.

Deliberate mistake: When Rotti is dying, when Luigi and Pavvi try to run towards him (before he points the gun at them), you can briefly see Pavvi's mirror sticking out from behind the corner for a second right before they run into frame, revealing that the actors were waiting for their cue to go.


Continuity mistake: During the song "Let the Monster Rise", Nathan's hair constantly changes in position, then when he goes outside to the stage, his hair is nice and neat.


Audio problem: During the song "Mark it Up", when Luigi stabs the Gen-tern, his lips briefly don't match the words he is singing.

Nathan Wallace: I'm the monster. I'm the villain. What perfection. What precision! Keen incisions, I deliver. Unscathed organs, I deliver. Repossession, I deliver. I'm the Repo! Legal assassin!

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Trivia: This film is actually the middle of an intended trilogy. Director Darren Lynn Bousman has created plans for both a prequel and a sequel with the creators of the original stage play upon which this film is based. Due to the limited theatrical release, the fate of the follow-ups will depend solely on DVD sales.

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Question: When Rotti is outside of Marni's tomb, he says 'You forced my hand and made me do'. What's he referring to?


Chosen answer: Marni "forcing" him to kill her when she rejected him for Nathan.

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