Slumdog Millionaire

While working as a telemarketer, Jamal calls Salim and meets him at a construction site. Salim reveals that he is working for an Indian mob boss and carries out executions for him. Jamal asks him where Latika is and Salim tells him that she's gone. The next day, Jamal follows Salim to the mob boss' house and finds out that Latika is working there as his maid. She tells Jamal to forget about her, but Jamal says he will wait at the train station for her. While Jamal is waiting there, he sees Latika, but she is taken away by mob henchmen. The film then skips to present day, where Jamal is on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and is being interrogated by police because they think he cheated. Jamal tells them that the only reason he went on the show was to find Latika, because he knew she'd be watching. Sure enough, Latika and Salim are watching the show at the mob boss' house. Salim gives Latika his phone and tells her to go to the studio and that he will cover for her disappearance. Latika leaves, but gets stuck in traffic and can't make it. On the final question, Jamal phones a friend and calls Salim's phone. Latika answers, but she doesn't know the answer. Jamal doesn't care and is just happy he found her. Jamal correctly guesses the right answer and wins. At the same time, the mob boss, watching the show, realizes that Latika left and tries to find Salim. Salim takes the mob boss' money, pours it into a bathtub, and gets into it, holding a gun. The boss comes in and Salim shoots him. The mob's men then shoot Salim dead. Jamal is at a train station after the show and sees Latika. They finally reunite and kiss.


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Trivia: The human excrement into which youngest Jamal jumps in the "toilet escape" sequence was actually chocolate.

Jedd Jong

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Question: Why does Salim sit in a bathtub surrounded by rupee notes of various denominations before shooting at the mob boss and getting shot in return?

Answer: People have said that it may possibly be a metaphor in that the rupees he is surrounded by is actually "blood money" that the mob bosses had amounted, and he was intent on staining the notes with his own blood. But there is no correct answer to this - it's something that you need to interpret for yourself.

Hamster Premium member

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