My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine (2009)

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Tom Hanniger is the killer, he's been carrying out all the murders himself while hallucinating that it was Harry Warden, the man who nearly killed Tom ten years ago. While trying to convince Sarah that the killer is really Axel, Tom tries to drive her to Alex's shack (where he has an affair with Sarah's co-worker, Megan) to convince her that Axel is the killer. Axel then calls her and tells her that Tom is the killer. She crashes Tom's car and makes her way to Axel's shack. Sarah is chased by the killer all the way to the mine. There, Sarah goes into the shaft where the original murders took place, where she is joined by both Tom and Axel, and after a brief stand off, Axel and Sarah realize that Tom is delusional about Harry Warden still being alive and being the killer. Realizing this, Sarah shoots Tom in the abdomen, and the bullet goes straight through him and into a compressed air tank, causing a fireball to knock down Tom. She escapes with Axel. A rescue team comes in to the mine to help Tom, but Tom kills one of the rescuers and escapes the mine dressed in the rescue worker's clothing.

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Continuity mistake: The miner wounds Sarah's right forearm during the supermarket chase and the medic bandages it up. Yet, in all subsequent scenes, her arm is fine.


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Irene: I'm not a whore!
Frank the Trucker: [tossing her a $20 bill.] You are now!

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