Crank: High Voltage

Eve gets arrested and interrogated. Doctor Miles (Dwight Yoakam) and Dark Chocolate (Julanne Chidi Hill) track down Chev's heart in an old Asian man named Poon Dong (David Carradine). Meanwhile Chev is taken to an island by El Huron (Clifton Collins Jr.) who is Verona's brother. They torture him with a cattle prod before introducing him to an old friend: Verona, who's disembodied head is now being kept alive in a tank with computers attached. They exchange insults like old times. The triads and strippers show up with guns and start shooting up the place. Venus (Efren Ramirez) shows up and starts fighting El Huron's gang with nunchucks and tourettes syndrome. Chev pull's Verona head out of the tank and throws it in the water. Dodging bullets, he climbs up on a telephone pole and grabs the conductors with boths hands, launching him into the air. He lands behind El Huron, his clothes and skin ablaze, and throws him into the water beside Verona's head, where he appears to drown. Hallucinating, he grabs Ria (Bai Ling), thinking it's Eve and kisses her. She runs away with her clothes on fire. Chev looks right in the camera, screaming and skin burning away, and flips us the middle finger.


Revealing mistake: When the Ferret's goons are dragging Chev behind the speed-boat near the end, when the one henchman (with all the tattoos) urinates on Chelios, you can see he is holding a small device/hose that is spraying the fake urine out.


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Chev Chelios: [After catching Johnny Vang.] Did I just drop some change, or did I hear a chink?

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Trivia: The man who Chev rubs against, when hearing that friction can briefly recharge his heart, is the lead singer for the band Linkin Park, who also had a cameo in the first film.


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Chosen answer: Nothing has been said and no indications are given as to what is in the cooler.

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