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Corrected entry: At the end of the opening chase Max starts to collect the leaking fuel from the crashed car. Only problem is, the fuel is so contaminated from the dirt in the containers he is using, it makes the fuel unusable for his car, considering his red low fuel warning light is on.

Correction: In a post-apocalyptic wasteland where people are literally killing each other for even small amounts of fuel, it stands to reason people like Max would have a means to filter any fuel they find and make it usable.


Corrected entry: When the Warrior Woman is killed on top of the tanker, the close up shows her falling to her left, but the long shot shows her falling forwards onto the barbed wire.

Correction: True, she fell left. But while toppling, her legs lost support, and she fell onto the curvature of the tank, and into the barbed wire.

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Corrected entry: The climactic chase scene at the end of the movie has us believe that the tanker being driven by Max is full of "precious fuel", which is why The Humongous and his goons are desperately trying to halt it. But during one shot, the ending of the movie is spoiled because red dirt is seen spilling from one of the pipes leading to the tank. The climax of the movie, of course, is when Max discovers that he was used as a decoy hauling dirt, not fuel. But when the dirt is seen spewing from the tanker in an earlier shot, that surprise is ruined.

Correction: A movie potentially spoiling its ending is not a mistake, especially if it was a deliberate choice as is the case here. This would be classified as a hint that not everything is as it seems.


Correction: They aren't empty, the just don't have very much gas in them. They don't trust Max so they give him just enough gas to get the rig back to them. If they'd given him full tanks he might try to simply take the rig and leave. Also, it would be nearly impossible for him across the desert carrying 2 full cans of gas.

Then why not just give Max one can? They were obviously empty.

Because they contained two different types of fuel: high-octane for the gyrocopter, and diesel for the rig.

Jukka Nurmi

Corrected entry: It would be impossible for the Gyro Captain to completely cover himself with dirt and to leave no markings in the sand, no footprints to his location and leaving the sand flat around his hiding place as if the ground is undisturbed.

Correction: While technically correct, it has to be kept in mind that Max wasn't interested in broad clues or details. He was focused on getting gas for his car.

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Corrected entry: When Max is done with the dog food can, he tosses it away and when it hits off camera, it sounds empty. But there's obviously enough food for the dog and the Gyro captain to eat.

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Correction: No, the can was mostly empty. The fact that the dog and Gyro Captain were scraping the sides to get anything out of the can indicates the can was pretty much empty, and the can sounding empty is consistent.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Max decides to turn around, there is an overhead shot of the U-turn, showing the front end of the semi. The Claw raider should be visible behind the rear window of the semi, but he isn't.


Correction: The raider is shown fighting with the boy a few shots and seconds before the turn. During that overhead shot, we only see a portion of the turn, very quickly, and our vantage point doesn't allow enough view to determine the raider is or isn't still there, or whether he has used the few seconds off screen to move over, further out of our view. His absence is not certain.


Corrected entry: Max shoots the driver of the red XA Coupe with his shotgun. They then show the car going out of control, and cut to a close-up of the XA's windshield. The passenger of the XA is seen fighting with the steering wheel trying to get the car under control. Then it cuts back to a larger exterior shot of the car, and it's obvious that there's not even a passenger in it.


Correction: As you said, the driver is shot and the passenger slides over to control the car. As the various shots occur, the driver is slumping lower and the passenger is further into the driver's position so that it appears the driver is there and the passenger gone, but the passenger is now the driver and the driver is slumped out of sight.


Corrected entry: When Max leaves the compound in the semi, he hits the wrecked pink 1959 DeSoto knocking it almost sideways. When they show the compound exploding, the DeSoto is now sitting back where it was before Max hit it.


Correction: The car's wheels are turned toward the compound so that after the collision, it has rolled foward again, but not quite to the point it started.


Corrected entry: When Wez and his gang drive Max's Interceptor off the road, they still have the two hostages tied to their truck's front. After the Interceptor blows up, when Wez climbs into the truck and leaves, there is suddenly only one hostage tied to the truck. (01:08:20)


Correction: The farside hostage is still there, but is slumped and leaning forward so that he is blocked from view by the other hostage. We can see a gap of sky between the one hostage and the upright that holds the other hostage. But as the truck drives off to the left, the second hostage comes into view. He's not missing, just difficult to see until the last moment.


Corrected entry: While Max is watching the compond he opens a can and eats out of it,throwing it to the dog to finish off, while the dog is eating the label goes from upside down to right way up even though only one end of the can is open.

Correction: The can is open on top and held right side up as Max eats from it. He tosses it to the dog and all three shots involving the can that follow show the can is open on top, and right-side up while the dog eats and defends it. No error.


Corrected entry: At the very moment of impact between the tanker and Humungous' car, the rest of the biker vehicles are visible, yet apparently stationary. Not only that, but they're also "parked" off the road and not very far behind. This conflicts with the short scene just prior to the impact, with the tanker barrelling down the slope towards Humungous. There aren't any vehicles behind the tanker in this scene. (01:28:29)

Correction: Actually, the same vehicles are there in that short scene, in the same place, but they are quickly (in just a few frames) blocked from view by the approaching tanker.


Corrected entry: When the gyro captain is carrying the "full" fuel cans they are obviously empty when according to the plot they contain enough fuel to get the tanker to the compound.

Correction: The gas cans are never full. As explicitly stated in the deal Max makes with the leaders of the compound, they give him just enough fuel to get the truck back. That way he can't try to escape in the truck.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film Max rams a car driving in front of him, shattering the front bumper of his car. In the shot right before this though, they show Max's car approaching the car in front of him, but the front bumper is already damaged.


Correction: It's possible Max had hit or rammed someone else before this scene. In Mad Max originally, the car also had a lot of abuse.

Corrected entry: The snake that Max has a face off with is actually just a common bull snake, totally harmless to humans, non-poisonous, and usually very passive (you'll notice the snake never really does anything aggressive to Max).


Correction: A person not knowing the different kinds of snakes, or having a phobia of snakes (like me) wouldn't take the time to distinguish if the snake is poisonous or not, rather would have the fight or flight instinct take over and either run away, or kill it. It is, at best a character mistake, but certainly not a movie mistake

Corrected entry: After max delivers the Semi to the compound, The Humungus makes his little speech about him swearing revenge on them all. His voice sounds like he's talking over his microphone, except we can see he doesn't have his mike near his face, or even in his hands.


Correction: The mike is being held by one of his minions, close behind him.

Corrected entry: When Max is collecting the fuel leaking out of the dune buggy that just crashed, you can see that the dune buggy no longer has an engine. You can see the input shaft assembly on the transmission, which is where the engine should be.


Correction: The engine came off during the crash as it flipped, before it came to rest.

Corrected entry: When the Feral kid catches the boomerang after throwing it at Wez, they use the shot of him throwing it, played in reverse.


Correction: No, they don't play it backwards, as it is obvious that the Kid's hand reaches up to catch the boomerang, and this is done in a completely different way from the throw: if what you said were true, the "throw" would have to precede the "run", which would be a very odd way of throwing a boomerang. It is clear that the "catch" is simply sped up to give the action more impact.

Corrected entry: The "Dinki-Di" brand of dog food was just created for the movie, it was never a real brand. The phrase "Dinki-Di" is actually australian slang for something that's genuine.


Correction: Dinki-Di was in fact a brand of dog food available in Australia in the late 70's.

Corrected entry: Near the end, the little boy and Mad Max crash in the diesel truck driving the opposite direction from the escaping convoy to act as a decoy. Humungous and his crew were chasing them and the gyro captain was shot down and crashed his gyro during the chase, but somehow the little boy and the gyro captain made it back to the convoy past Humungous's gang before sunset without a vehicle as the ending shows with the boy in the back of the van and the gyro captain driving it.

Correction: after the crash the leader of the people Max was helping shows up in his vehicle at the crash scene and Humungous' gang sows up as well. They all see that the truck was full of dirt so the have no reason to stick around and Ragallo takes the ferral kid back to the convoy, the gryo captain could have crashed very near the convoy, so no plot hole.

Continuity mistake: When the rear window of the semi is smashed, you can see in the very next shot that the chain of Wez's ball mace is already hanging from the ceiling to Max's right, long before Wez even starts swinging it and leaves it hanging there after he is killed.


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Max: I got all I need here.
Papagallo: You don't have a future. I could offer you that.

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Trivia: You might have to look close, but the Gyro Captain's copter is completely covered with pornographic pictures. It took many viewings for me to notice this. Apparently he's very sexually motivated, as later in the movie he complains that the only thing he really misses from the old world is lingerie, and the only reason he joins the escapees in the end is because he wants to be with the cute blond girl.


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Question: Early in the movie Max finds an abandoned truck with graffiti on its side saying "The Vermin Have Inherited the Earth". Is this a reference to something?

Answer: Maybe the Judeo-Christian bible "The meek shall inherit the earth" (Matt 5:5). Not much of a stretch that someone in that environment would change meek to vermin.


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