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Marty Bronson: Your fun is only limited by your imagination.

Continuity mistake: When Mickey and Skeeter are in the hotel kitchen talking about Kendall's promotion, Mickey is eating food off a plate. During the scene he keeps changing from eating to not, and food appears and vanishes from his hand and his hand changes from being by his face to down, etc.

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Question: Everything that happens in the bedtime stories and then occurs to Skeeter in real life has a (pretty much) rational explanation (e.g. the rain of gumballs, "Abe Lincoln" actually being a penny), but why on earth do the women in the restaurant jump up and start doing the hokey pokey, apparently against their will?

Answer: The only reason for them to do the hokey pokey is because it's possible. Patrick said that they would do it in the story, and even in the story it's not impossible. Patrick made it happen.

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