I'll Be Home for Christmas
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Tracey Wilkinson: When did I become your slave?
Jake Wilkinson: The day you were born.

Nolan: Oh, man, I went and killed Santa.

Allie: Well, look at that. The clock man is sexually harassing the clock lady. How typical.
Eddie: Uh, don't witness it. You might have to testify.
Allie: Wow, Eddie. That was actually clever.

Jake Wilkinson: Say something romantic.
Officer Max: Huh.
Jake Wilkinson: Say something apologetic.
Officer Max: Huh.
Jake Wilkinson: SAY something english.

Visible crew/equipment: Just before Johnathan Taylor Thomas climbs into the fake Santa's sleigh to sleep for the night, he is talking to Santa and playing with his hand. On his lower chest is the shadow of the camera (since the light is coming from behind the camera), which disappears in the following angle.

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