Knowing (2009)

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The Whisper people are actually aliens who sent the numbers as a message. John (Nicolas Cage) figures out that the last number isn't 33, it's "EE" meaning "Everyone Else". As he realizes that a huge solar flare is about to destroy the planet, he follows clues left by Diana (Rose Byrne)'s mother to the location of her mobile home, believing the aliens picked it as a place of safety. Meanwhile, the heat wave causes everyone to panic and try to get to shelter. Abby and Caleb are taken by the aliens in Diana's SUV, and Diana ends up in a car crash while trying to chase them. When John arrives, paramedics declare her dead. In her hand he finds one of the black stones. He drives out to the woods behind the mobile home where he finds Caleb and Abby and the aliens, and the aliens explain that they want to save two children to start humanity over. They refuse to let John come with them. John bids a tearful goodbye to his son and watches the alien ship beam them aboard and take off. He collapses to the ground crying. A short time later, he wakes up and drives into New York, knowing the end is imminent. He makes it to his father's house, and embraces his mother, father and sister Grace before the flare hits and kills them all. We see New York incinerated in a matter of seconds, and the flames spread across the planet. Caleb and Abby are put on a new planet in a grassy field with a giant white tree.


Character mistake: The newspaper article states that Lucinda was thirty-three at the time of her death in 1988. However, that would make her just four years old when she wrote the time capsule note in 1959 - four years old in the 3rd grade?

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Diana Whelan: What happens when the numbers run out?

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Trivia: The same actress plays Lucinda and her granddaughter Abby.

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