The New World
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Ben: Captain Newport, sir, I found oysters. They're as thick as my hands. They're the size of stones sir and there's fish everywhere they're flapping against your legs. We're gonna live like kings.

Captain Argall: Captain Smith is the only professional soldier among us.
Captain Edward Wingfield: Smith, sir? What are... what are... what are his qualifications?
Captain Argall: Those you lack.

Captain John Smith: How many lands behind me? How many seas?

Selway: You're like a herd of deer! How can you own land? This earth was made for such that shall improve it! And knows how to live.

John Rolfe: I think you still love the man, and that you will not be at peace until you see him. In my vanity I thought I could make you love me, and one cannot do that or should not. You have walked blindly into a situation that you did not anticipate.
Pocahontas: You are the man I thought you were and more.

Captain Argall: Conscience is a nuisance. A fly. A barking dog.

Captain John Smith: Love... shall we deny it when it visits us... shall we not take what we are given.

Pocahontas: Mother, where do you live? In the sky? The clouds? The sea? Show me your face. Give me a sign. We rise... we rise. Afraid of myself. A god, he seems to me. What else is life but being near you? Do they suspect? Oh, to be given to you. You to me. I will be faithful to you. True. Two no more. One. One. I am... I am.

Mary: He's left you, Princess. He told you a pack of lies. Forget about him.

Pocahontas: What else is life but being near you.

John Smith: He that will not work shall not eat! The labors of honest and industrious men shall not be consumed to maintain the idleness of a few.

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