The Tale of Despereaux
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Narrator: So sometimes it doesn't take much for your dreams to come true, you just have to be able to see it that way.

Narrator: When your heart breaks it can grow back crooked. It grows back twisted and gnarled and hard.

Teacher: Despereaux.
Despereaux: Yes?
Teacher: You didn't cower.
Despereaux: Look's like a sword.
Teacher: It's a carving knife.
Despereaux: It's beautiful.
Teacher: It's dangerous.
Despereaux: Do you have any more?

Narrator: Okay, remember when we told you how, once upon a time, there was this brave little mouse? Well, If you know anything about fairy tales, you know that a hero doesn't appear until the world really needs one.

Narrator: The story said she was a prisoner but that wasn't totally true because she had hope and whenever you have hope, you're never really anybody's prisoner.

Continuity mistake: During the fight in the arena with the cat, the pink ball of yarn (the one not thrown in the air) disappears and reappears many times.

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