Lost in Space

Corrected entry: At the end of the film they don't have enough power to escape the planet but they do have enough power to run the hyperdrive?

Correction: A hyperdrive engine is separate from the standard drive engines, and therefore most likely has a separate power source.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, when the holograph of Mrs.Cartwright appears (complaining about the Robinson's son at school), the actress that plays the part is Veronica Cartwright, who was in the original TV series.

Correction: The hologram of the school principal was played by June Lockhart, not Veronica Cartwright, who played the mother, Maureen Robinson, in the original series. Veronica Cartwright never appeared on 'Lost In Space', but rather her younger sister, Angela Cartwright.

Corrected entry: The way Penny describes what will happen to her brother in the vacuum of space is entirely fictional. Your blood does not boil, you do not blow up like a balloon. They have both spent the last three years in training for this mission, they should know facts. (00:08:15)

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Correction: If you've ever had a sibling, you might have tried to exaggerate something (or lie) in order to scare them. Will might now that this is false which is why it doesn't seem to bother him.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where the dad looks up to see the ship get destroyed by that big rock, but by this time, the bubble has already collapsed, so how is it that he can still see everything outside the bubble if it has already collapsed and disappeared?

Correction: The bubble is not the limit beyond which the time machine can't see/operate, it is a side effect of the time machine itself. At a certain point you can see the Earth through the machine, thought the bubble never came that close to the planet.

Corrected entry: When Jon locks the doctor in the lab, the door comes down from the top. But later when Major West goes in to give the doctor the suit, the doors open from the sides.

Correction: The reason why the doors open differently is because they are a different set of doors, if you look you can see that the doors that Professor Robinson threw him in after he saved his daughter are still in that room, and also the room from which Major West enters is different because when Smith is thrown in he is thrown in from sick bay.

Corrected entry: Why would any organisation call themselves Global Sedition? 'Sedition' is an insult, a perjorative term, meaning someone who incites rebellion against a legal authority. It's like the UK Republican Party calling themselves the UK Treason Party.

Correction: The Seditioners are mutants of some kind, not really discussed much in the movie, they obviously make no attempt to hide their intentions so why should their name imply anything otherwise?

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Corrected entry: The banana/beef 'meal' that Don opens is half yellow/half pink. He gives it to Blarp and the CGI version of the bar is brown. (00:55:40)


Correction: It is half brown, not pink, Don took a bite from the yellow part, leaving the brown part to be seen before Blarp quickly gobbles the whole thing down.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when the bording party are trying to escape from the Prometheus, John Robinson asks Will Robinson if they can save the Robot he says "no". How is it possible then, for him to re-build it using parts from the original if it stayed onboard the Prometheus when it exploded, i.e., the central section with the small arms?

Correction: They would have carried sufficient spare parts for something as crucial as the only robot - a spare torso , for example.

Corrected entry: When they operate on the sister and put a display of her organs over her body, her heart is on the wrong side of her body.

Correction: The display is being viewed at an angle - the heart is in the correct place.


Corrected entry: Will Robinson is downloading Robot's Memory onto a CD - the indicator reads 100% and Will even says "Got it". Yet later he is talking with Robot and says the download was not completed.

Correction: In the DVD version, the indicator only shows 10% and Will doesn't say "Got it".


Factual error: When the Jupiter 2 blasts off, it does so in the most fuel inefficient way possible - flat surface first. The air resistance would be fifty times less if they'd angled it side on. Plus, when the aerodynamic cover blasts away, the Jupiter 2 itself is revealed - and it is more aerodynamic than the cover. Rocket science must have taken a few steps backward lately... .

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Dr. Smith: Never trust anyone, especially me.

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Trivia: Jonathan Harris, who played Dr. Smith in the TV series, was set to play the man who hired and then betrayed Dr. Smith.

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Question: On the DVD, what happens if you answer all the questions right on "Your Mission" in the Features menu?

Answer: The DVD then takes you to the Gag Reel with bloopers and outtakes from the movie.

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