Battle Beyond the Stars

Trivia: If some of the musical cues for this movie seem awfully familiar, its because James Horner reused some for "Krull" and "Star Trek: Wrath of Khan" and "Star Trek: Search for Spock."


Trivia: When Shad comes through the doorway restrained on the seat, the sound effect of the door opening and closing is taken from Star Wars. It's Darth Vader's breathing sound.


Trivia: The main protagonists in the movie are called the Akira. This is a homage to Akira Kurosawa who did "Seven Samurai", of which "Magnificent Seven" and this movie are based on.


Trivia: Huge chunks of scenes of ships battling in space from this movie have been used in a few other low budget movies, namely "Ice Pirates" and "Space Raiders."


Plot hole: Nell the ship made a statement early on in the movie that the Nuclear bombs that Sador was firing at her could not be destroyed, the only defense was to outrun them. Soon after Cayman dies, Sador fires Nuclear bombs at Shad and Nell, and Shad is able to destroy them by firing on them.


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Nestor 1: While life exists, the possibilities are unlimited.

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