Darkman II: The Return of Durant

Stupidity: When Eddie and Darkman, who is disguised as Eddie, both run after the cab Laurie is in, Darkman calls out to her in Eddie's voice. If he had used his own voice, she wouldn't have been captured.

Character mistake: The reporter refers to a "box of ashes" being buried in Westlake's grave, whereas in the first film, all that was buried there was "an ear", which was all they could find of his body.

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Trivia: "Darkman II" was the first direct-to-video release for Universal Studios. It was granted a larger budget in comparison to many other subsequent direct-to-video releases and had a decent marketing push, as Universal was testing the waters for movies exclusively made for the video market. The gamble with a success, with Universal continuing to release direct-to-video (and more currently, direct-to-Netflix) releases well over twenty years later.

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