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Revealing mistake: When Bryan pulls up in front of the store to buy the karaoke machine, a group of people across the street can be seen watching the scene being filmed, some taking pictures as well. (00:01:30)


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Suggested correction: Or they could just be people waiting to cross the road. From the image posted it can't be seen that they are watching the scene being filmed only that some are looking in the same direction, eg. across the road they're waiting to cross.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie when Bryan is fighting the guy with the blades on the yacht, the part where Bryan jumps over the couch you can obviously see it's a stunt double. The stunt double looks Chinese, he has black hair and slim while Bryan looks bulky and has light brown hair.

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Suggested correction: In whole fight sequence with the guy with blades Bryan never jumps over the couch. He did it while the black guy was shooting at him, and even then he never looked Chinese.

Plot hole: When Brian is on the boat, we see 3 girls from the auction being ushered into the sheikh's stateroom. He eliminates all the bodyguards, the last of who is the leader with the knife, and who is the only person who knows which of the girls is Kimmi. When Brian enters the stateroom, the sheikh is holding her at gunpoint. How did he know she was Brian's daughter?

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Suggested correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. It is possible the man who bought Kim at the auction had to explain to his boss, the sheikh, why he bought her. He probably told him about the troubles he has had and the possibility that this man is still searching for his daughter, the girl in front of him. Hearing the fighting going on the sheikh correctly assumes this is the same man and tries to use her as a shield against him when he enters and threatens her with a knife.


Don't think so - lot of probable's. The Sheik's right-hand man would have assumed Brian was dead as St Clair's men had captured him, but he spotted him on the boat and only told his boss he would 'kill the dog', not which girl he had come for. Agree correction - she was held by knife-point.

He bought a girl he was not instructed to buy, for a lot of money. Of course he had to explain that to the Sheikh.


Not a plot hole, not even a contrivance. The sheik just grabbed whichever girl that was with him. It didn't matter who she was, it was just a case of "let me go or 'll kill this random, innocent girl." The fact that it was Kim was a simple coincidence (1 in 3 chance).

Continuity mistake: When Brian rents the car, he drives out of the agency driving an Audi. When he is at the construction site, the car has changed to a Mercedes-Benz.

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Suggested correction: We don't see him arrive at the construction site, only standing in line to enter the building. He uses a Jeep SUV to get away, and the bad guys are driving trucks and a Mercedes SUV. He probably stole the Jeep for the getaway after confirming before he got in line that the workers left the keys in the vehicle.


Other mistake: In the scene at the construction site, the guy in front of Liam Neeson gets a card with the number 4. When we see him inside, he walks past the number 4 room.

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Suggested correction: The guy who gets a card number 4 is not in front of Liam, he was in front of the guy who was in front of Liam, so we never saw which room he actually went into.

Continuity mistake: When Kim is kidnapped, she describes the man "Beard. Six feet. Tattoo right hand, moon and star." When Bryan listens to the tape in the jet, she says, "Mustache. Six feet. Tattoo on right hand, moon and star. Dad!" (00:27:50)

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Bryan: I was told I have 96 hours. That was sixteen hours ago.
Jean Claude: Okay, first we should find the spotter.
Bryan: I found him. He's dead.
Jean Claude: You found him that way? Bryan, you cannot just run around, tearing down Paris.
Bryan: Jean Claude, I will tear down the Eiffel Tower if I have to.

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Question: What would have eventually happened to Marko after Bryan left him in the basement? Would he just have died and continued to have current surge through him till someone found him? Would he eventually burst in to flames? Would his heart explode? I know he dies, that much is obvious. Just curious as to what happens in the longer term.


Chosen answer: Depends on how much current is actually running through him. Since it didn't kill him right away, even after a few jolts to get him to talk, it's unlikely it was enough that he would ever burst into flames or that his heart would explode. Most likely, he just slowly cooked until he dried up and burnt like a turkey left too long in the oven.

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