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9.3/10. One of the better sketch comedy movies ever made. From the sketch of Catholic School Girls In Trouble to the theater usher doing all that stuff to the patron it's freaking hilarious. The Zuckerbergs have talent coming out their pores whereas some of us would be lucky to think up a good joke. Highly recommended.


Continuity mistake: During the theatre scene, the usher puts a knife to the man's throat, in the next scene however, the man's head has now moved to the right and there was not enough time between shots for this to have occurred.


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Pennington: These are the Hartz Mountains of Asia. A terrain so rugged, so treacherous, no country will claim it.
Asquith: Worse then Detroit?
Pennington: I'm afraid so.

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Trivia: Original titles for the film included "Free Popcorn" and "Closed for Remodeling."

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