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Corrected entry: Candlestick telephones and others of similar vintage are repeatedly shown ringing (and Christine is shown using two different models of telephone in her house when it would have been unlikely that she would have had more than one). Telephones of this period did not contain ringers. Rather, the ringer was inside a large box which was usually attached to the wall behind the telephone. Such a box is not seen in any shot during which a telephone is shown ringing.

Correction: Though the "ringing box" wasn't shown on screen doesn't mean it wasn't there. And since she was working for a phonecompany it is preceivable that she had acces to more phones, both in number as model.

Corrected entry: In the shot showing the prison Alcatraz, when Joline goes back to get a confession from the killer of her son, the clip of Alcatraz shows a satellite dish on top of the prison tower. There were no satellite dishes in the 1930s, let alone any satellites.

luc duceppe

Correction: There's two things to this entry: 1. It was San Quentin 2. What I think the poster believes is a satelite dish is a radio antenna. Recent pictures of San Quentin don't show any satelite dish.

Corrected entry: Reverend Briegleb broadcasts a radio show from the pulpit. Shots alternate between him speaking in the church and the transmission being heard on the radio, suggesting it is a live programme and therefore not being edited. In the shots in the church, there is substantial echo. When we hear the transmission on the radio, there is no echo to be heard. (00:14:00 - 00:15:00)


Correction: Which is exactly what happens in real life. The microphone at the pulpit picks up his voice directly, from a short distance, and broadcasts it immediately to the airwaves. Because of the acoustics in the church, the live audience could hear an echo that is not heard on the broadcast, since they have a large open reverberating space to try to hear his voice.


Corrected entry: Street scenes set in 1928 show numerous cars which were not manufactured until the early 1930s. Indeed, many of the same cars appear in street scenes set in 1935.

Correction: Too vague -- which cars? What year do you contend they were made? And showing the same cars in 1935 means nothing, since this WAS the Great Depression and people would continue to use their cars for as long as possible.

Brenda Elzin

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, Gordon Northcott is referred to as a "serial killer." This term was not coined and put into usage until the 1970's. From Wikipedia, it's "commonly attributed to former FBI Special Agent Robert Ressler in the 1970s. Serial killer entered the popular vernacular largely in part to the widely publicized crimes of Ted Bundy and David Berkowitz in the middle years of that decade."

Correction: The term "serial killer" may only have entered the common vernacular after its usage by Ressler in the 1970's, but that does not mean that it could not have existed prior to that. "Serial" is a common word often used to refer to an individual who performs an action repeatedly and "killer" is obviously an age-old and popular descriptive term. While Ressler popularised the phrase, it is entirely unreasonable to suggest that nobody could possibly have put those two common words together to describe a multiple murderer before he did.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Gustav Briegleb confronts J.J. Jones demanding to know where she was, he states that her 'neighbours' saw her being taken away. In fact, she was taken to the asylum from the police station, not her home.

Correction: JJ Jones had police officers go pick up Christina, when he discovers she's gone to the press about the boy not being her son, and bring her to the police station. He even specified taking her in the back door, so she wouldn't get even more press attention for her cause, and he then sent her to the asylum. The neighbours saw her being taken to the station, not the asylum.

Factual error: A woman is shown receiving electroshock treatment ("ECT") in a hospital scene which took place in 1928. Although chemicals were used to induce seizures in psychiatric treatments at the time, the use of electricity for the purpose was not discovered until 1937 and not used in the United States until 1940.

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Question: When Mrs. Collins opens the fridge, is there a sandwich in a plastic bag in there?

Answer: There is a sandwich in a bag in there as well as a full jug of milk. It's one of the ways that she knows that her son isn't there.


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