High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Corrected entry: In the scene at the end when the curtain falls, Ryan raises his hands too early.


Correction: Actually, he raises his hands as if he's bringing the curtain down, not raising them too early.


Corrected entry: When Troy And Gabriella are at her house, you can see a chair facing forward, but in the next shot the chair is standing up.


Correction: Troy and Gabriella are together in Gabriella's backyard on the hammock, and also when they are having a picnic in Gabriella's bedroom. With the current description of the chair "facing forward" and then "standing up", this mistake cannot be found anywhere. Please resubmit this mistake reworded, with more information about which chair you are talking about and exactly which scene this mistake occurs.

Corrected entry: When Troy and Gabriella are singing "Right Here, Right Now" at the treehouse, there is one airplane hanging from the ceiling, but in the next shot there are two airplanes hanging up.


Correction: When Troy and Gabriella first stand up, directly behind them we see one model airplane dangling from the ceiling in front of the dartboard and sleeping bags. As the treehouse/camera begins to turn when Troy removes his sweatshirt, we see the second model airplane dangling to the left of the dartboard, right beside the fishing net floats. In the shot looking up as the ceiling opens, we can see the rolled up sleeping bag at the screen's bottom left corner, as the two airplanes are dangling behind Gabriella. There's no sudden appearance of a model airplane.

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Corrected entry: In the musical scene during graduation, when Gabriella is introduced there is a shot of her mom in the audience, but if we look at the text sent by Troy to Rocketman it appears that Troy drove all the way, therefore Gabriella's mom should still be in Stanford.

Correction: Yes, Troy drove through the night as the text message stated, and we actually see Mrs. Montez before the show even starts, when the audience is being seated - she is perfectly visible in quite a few shots. Go back to the moment at Stanford U., when Troy helps Gabriella realize that she was the catalyst to some nice changes at East High. Gabriella then decides to go back to Albuquerque and do the show. Though we don't see it onscreen, it is obvious that Gabriella tells her mom that she and Troy are going to drive back to Albuquerque in his truck and they have two days until the show. Knowing Mrs. Montez, she did not want to miss her daughter's last performance so she did one of two things. Either she drove her van, which makes much better time than Troy's clunky, over-heating prone truck or more likely, she simply took a flight back to Albuquerque the day of the performance. It is unnecessary to see everything onscreen.

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Corrected entry: In the scene with the prom, Zeke has on his sneakers (red and white), but when the rehearsal is finished, he has dress shoes on.

Correction: Watch the entire scene again. At first, he and the other boys are wearing their regular shoes, then when they come out of their dressing cubicles they are all wearing dress black shoes. The scene continues with the formal dance number, when Zeke wears the pink sash, and he wears informal shoes that are red/white at the sides, but black at the front. There is no error in continuity.

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Corrected entry: In the basketball game at the beginning when Rocketman joins the game, he is wearing white pants and a white jacket. He takes the jacket off to reveal the red vest but doesn't take the pants off. In the next shot he is wearing red shorts.

Correction: Jimmie (aka Rocket Man) is wearing athletic pants with breakaway snaps down the sides. When Coach Bolton calls for him, he takes off his white jacket as he walks toward the camera. Next shot, he appears from off-screen at the right just as he pulls his pants off, which he then tosses. Have a closer look, because a row of silver snaps are visible on the pants as he tosses them - the zippered jacket doesn't have snaps.

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Corrected entry: When Troy breaks into the school and goes into the locker room, he removes his jacket and throws it on the floor. After he has put his East High singlet on, it shows a long shot and the jacket has vanished from the floor.

Correction: The jacket is still there, but due to the darkness it is hard to see on the floor.

Correction: Troy doesn't go down the same stairs twice; it is one long set of stairs with two flights and a landing in between, where he stops and sings "Is it her? Is it love?"

Corrected entry: Throughout the whole movie, every time students are seen going down the hall, where Troy's locker is, the print on the locker titles are different each time. One time it'll be plain, next time it'll have a wildcat on it.

Correction: The time that you see the plain lockers is after Gabrielle leaves. The locker that you see Troy at is Gabrielle's.

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Corrected entry: Troy has given his locker to 'Rocketman' but returns later to retrieve his iconic basketball vest from the same locker.

Correction: He technically didn't give it to him. Rocketman had to earn the locker code, which he hadn't, therefore Troy still had it.

Corrected entry: When Troy sings his song alone in the darkened gym, there are six retired jerseys hanging on the wall, including his own and Chad's. Schools don't usually retire the jerseys of athletes who are still there.

Correction: Schools may not "usually" do it, but it does not mean a school would never do it. Besides, Troy and Chad have played their final game as Wildcats, so they are no longer active members of the team.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Gabriella is in her room after talking to Troy about her leaving for college early, she looks at a picture of her and Troy from the scene in HSM2 when they sneak a picnic on the golf course right before the get caught by Mr. Fulton. In that scene in HSM2 there was no one there to take that picture of them.

Correction: They were not alone. Sharpay and Ryan were also there, spying on Gabriella and Troy. All it takes is a cell phone camera to capture a pic of the couple. After the group's talent show performance, Ryan, or even Sharpay could have then easily forwarded that photo to Gabriella and Troy as a nice gesture, which they printed up.

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Continuity mistake: When Tiara is at Sharpay's locker, she holds out the pink shopping bag with her left hand, but next close-up it's in Tiara's right hand.

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Chad Danforth: So I guess when they hand us that diploma, we're actually done here.
Troy Bolton: What makes you think we're getting diplomas?

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Trivia: Over a thousand extras appear in the graduation scene.

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Question: When Troy goes to the gym at night he looks at the basketball jerseys (there are 6 I think), one is Troy's, one Chad's and another Jack Bolton's. Who do the others belong to?

Answer: I think that they are just props. The owner of those jerseys has no relevence to the plot.. They might just be randomly picked names.

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