Angela and Scott make it to the attic. In there, they're attacked by an old man who's infected and it can be assumed that he's the resident of the building who's been absent for months (according to the manager of the building). The virus was stolen from a lab by a cult.. according to some newspaper clippings found in an apartment. The infected old man kills Scott. Angela tries to make her way to the camera in order to use it to see in the dark but she's dragged away screaming by the old man...

Racer X

Jake: So, let's just pretend you're five years old and on fire.

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Question: At the very end of the film when Angie is dragged, in the background it doesn't look like any figure dragged her? Shouldn't we have seen at least the upper body of a figure grabbing and dragging her? It looks like she was dragged a long way, so why isn't there any evidence of her being dragged by any human figure?

Answer: Purely done for suspense reasons. Seeing the figure of something walking up behind her, grabbing her and dragging her away would have less of a "jump" factor than what happened in the movie, which is her being suddenly dragged away into the darkness.


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