The Colour of Magic
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Cohen the Barbarian: Hot water. Good dentishtry. Shoft lavatory paper.

Death: Don't mind me. I've got a book to read.

Rincewind: That's old Twoflower for you. He just appreciates beauty in his own way. I mean, if a poet sees a daffodil, he stares at it and then writes a long poem. But Twoflower would wander off and buy a book on botany, and then as he reads it he would tread on the daffodil.

Trymon: I hope it's a good party.
Death: I think it might go downhill at midnight.
Trymon: Why?
Death: That's when they think I'll be taking my mask off.

Death: I think I've just had another Near Rincewind Experience.

Other mistake: Radio aerial visible on building. (00:09:40)

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