Donovan's Reef

Donovan's Reef (1963)


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Marquis Andre de Lage: If I may venture a suggestion. A scenic drive? A chilled apertif? I have a picnic basket. I'd be delighted.
Ameilia Sarah Dedham: Well, that's very kind of you, your... Excellency. But I have promised to take Luki home this morning.
Luki Dedham: Knock it off Uncle Andy! Quit trying to horn in on my date.

Michael Patrick 'Guns' Donovan: Gilhooley?
Marquis Andre de Lage: Gilhooley.
Lelani Dedham: Oh, Uncle Guns, please don't fight, don't spoil our party.
Sally Dedham: You stay out of it.
Luki Dedham: Go on Uncle Guns. Knock his block off.
Michael Patrick 'Guns' Donovan: I'll knock both his blocks off.

Michael Patrick 'Guns' Donovan: Aw, Monk, you're not gonna let three guys take on one - even if it is Gilhooley.
Sergeant Monk Menkowicz: I seen it done.

Diminutive Australian Navy Officer: Step aside, little man.

Marquis Andre de Lage: Well, there is our Mike Donovan. Three children and not one marriage. Oh, I do not say that he's the first man to put the cart before the horse, but three carts and no horse? Huh?

Continuity mistake: When Donovan and Gilhooley are in the pool of water fighting, when they both get out Donovan gets out first, while he's standing there he is barely dripping wet especially off his hat. When Gilhooley falls in and gets out and they focus back on Donovan he is soaked and completely dripping wet, as if he just got out.


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Trivia: The Australian Shore Patrol Officer who breaks up the final fight is John Wayne's real-life son, Patrick.

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Question: This is regarding the scene in Boston. Why was that one gal smiling? Why did Amelia turn the lights out? Who were the three men Amelia told "You can go in now?

Answer: I think Amelia shutting off the lights was meant to imply she is extremely frugal and cautious with money, indicating she would more than likely scrutinize over judgment of her father (Doc Dedham).


Answer: The lady smiling is one of Amelia's relatives who sits on the company board of directors. Being as she is elderly, she appears to be somewhat unaware of what exactly is going on and just sits there, apparently amused by the proceedings. The men were just waiting their turn to meet with the board, and of no significance to the story. Amelia's turning off the lights is just an exaggerated comedic gesture to show that she is on her way out and heading to Hawaii, that really makes no sense.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I think it's her Irish frugality.

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