Die, Monster, Die!
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Nahum Witley: All that remains of Corbin is a few harmless objects in the cellar.

Susan Witley: Something dreadful's going to happen, I know it.

Stephen Reinhart: It looks like a zoo in Hell.

Susan Witley: The scent in here - it's so sweet, it's sickening.
Stephen Reinhart: It's the scent of decay.

Susan Witley: But, Steve, no one ever goes into the greenhouse at night.

Susan Witley: Father has never allowed me to go on the heath.

Nahum Witley: Whatever happened to my father will not happen to me.
Letitia Witley: It's already happening.

Stephen Reinhart: I've seen a glow like that once before - in a radiation lab.

Letitia Witley: All that I can see... is horror.

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