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Revealing mistake: Bond hands a business card to a guy, then sits on his bike and, right before he grabs his cellphone, there's a man behind him who's supposed to be sweeping the street, but the broom isn't even touching the floor, he's just mimicking or horsing around.

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Factual error: Bolivian police outfits and Chilean police outfits are similar. The ones in the movie are based off of the Bolivian outfit, yet the pants and hat are closer to the Chilean than the Bolivian uniforms.

Factual error: The Austrian number plates have the wrong prefix (district) and postfix (number). Correct: e.g. LL (emblem) 123AB; Bond: 123AB (emblem) LL; maybe due to legal issues.

Continuity mistake: After Bond pours himself a glass of Mathis' wine, what is left in the bottle is not consistent with how much Bond, Mathis and his girlfriend poured out. More should be missing.


Factual error: James Bond's Aston Martin shown in the opening chase sequence is registered 72 GH3L0, which is meant to be an Italian perspex number plate. Italian plates are always made from aluminium and never show a car logo at the bottom. Furthermore the die face used is wrong and most important: The number does not fit into the Italian registration system: always AA 123AA - hence a completely invented plate is the result.

Factual error: The aircraft registration Bond reads over the phone is of a British registered aircraft, shown as starting G-0 then other characters (definitely 0, not the letter O). However, British registrations are always all letters, and wouldn't use the number 0.

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Continuity mistake: After Camille shoots General Medrano, she sits up on the floor looking at him; the very next shot has an overturned table beside her that wasn't in that first shot. (00:01:45)


Factual error: The car sequence in the beginning is impossible to perform in Italy. 007 drives from Garda Lake to Marbles Caves near Carrara (about 250 km/130 miles if you take the highway or 300 km/150 miles if you take the state route) chased by another car at maximum speed. Not only the trip is too long, but in Italy you have to stop at least at 2 payment tolls (on highways) for such a travel. And at least once at the gas station for refueling (an Aston drinks a lot). If you take the state route it's worst: you must cross several small towns. There are plenty of street cameras and speed controls, no one noticed 2 cars even firing with guns at that speed and dangerous way of driving for such a long time? How many bullets did they have for shooting longer than an hour? And then, more 200 km with a completely destroyed car from Carrara to Siena (what a strange choice for MI6 to place a secret hideout, so distant from where Bond took the quantum man and even on the day of the Palio horse race!) without being noticed or stopped by any police control? They stop you even if you have a broken rear stop light or wrong type of tyres. (00:00:05)

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, Bond and M are interrogating Mr White, who Bond brought in. As Mr White tells Bond that he was always interested in meeting him, look at his face - there is no blood line going down the right side of his face. But the next shot shows one as he continues talking. (00:09:15)


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Continuity mistake: At the beginning the roadway openings have curved arches, a very short straight section with rectangular openings, then more arches. When the driving begins, the arches have disappeared and the entire sequence is on a very long curved section with rectangles, before they get to the open road. (00:00:50)

Revealing mistake: During the opening car chase the police shoot at the bad guy's car and the back window shatters, we then see a close up from the outside of the back window of the bad guy turning around and then returning fire, shooting out the back window. The back window is not shattered but does have bullet holes in it, this is so we can see the men inside the car returning fire.

Continuity mistake: After the opening car chase the Aston Martin is covered in chalk but surprisingly Bond's suit is completely clean despite him losing a car door during the chase.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the opening car chase Bond approaches the safe house. Just before the gates open white tyre marks are visible from previous takes, the white being chalk from the quarry.

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Trivia: Strawberry Fields' given name is never actually mentioned in the film. It's only mentioned in the ending credits and promotional material. (01:42:20)

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Question: Was it on purpose that Strawberry Fields' death look similar to the one in Goldfinger?

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