Quantum of Solace

Factual error: During the boat chase scene, Bond throws a grappling hook/anchor from the old boat he is driving onto the deck of the rubber boat "riding" his. The rubber boat is then violently yanked off of Bond's boat and crashes. This makes no sense. For the rubber boat to be yanked off that way, the other end of the anchor line would have to be tied to something stationary. However, the other end of the line is just lying in Bond's boat. There's even a shot of it sitting there.


Factual error: Cars in Bolivia are required to carry both front and rear registration plates. In the movie hardly any of the cars shown have one.

Factual error: Bolivia has no desert. It has a large highland called altiplano and the world's second largest salt desert. Both look totally different than the landscapes shown in the movie.

Factual error: During the film, Bond flies to the airport in Bregenz, Austria. There is no airport in Bregenz.

Factual error: The police chief mentions to General Medrano that the loud clanking noise they heard was the hotel's fuel cells. In actuality fuel cells are silent generators of power.

Factual error: Bolivian police outfits and Chilean police outfits are similar. The ones in the movie are based off of the Bolivian outfit, yet the pants and hat are closer to the Chilean than the Bolivian uniforms.

Factual error: The Austrian number plates have the wrong prefix (district) and postfix (number). Correct: e.g. LL (emblem) 123AB; Bond: 123AB (emblem) LL; maybe due to legal issues.

Factual error: James Bond's Aston Martin shown in the opening chase sequence is registered 72 GH3L0, which is meant to be an Italian perspex number plate. Italian plates are always made from aluminium and never show a car logo at the bottom. Furthermore the die face used is wrong and most important: The number does not fit into the Italian registration system: always AA 123AA - hence a completely invented plate is the result.

Factual error: The aircraft registration Bond reads over the phone is of a British registered aircraft, shown as starting G-0 then other characters (definitely 0, not the letter O). However, British registrations are always all letters, and wouldn't use the number 0.

Factual error: The car sequence in the beginning is impossible to perform in Italy. 007 drives from Garda Lake to Marbles Caves near Carrara (about 250 km/130 miles if you take the highway or 300 km/150 miles if you take the state route) chased by another car at maximum speed. Not only the trip is too long, but in Italy you have to stop at least at 2 payment tolls (on highways) for such a travel. And at least once at the gas station for refueling (an Aston drinks a lot). If you take the state route it's worst: you must cross several small towns. There are plenty of street cameras and speed controls, no one noticed 2 cars even firing with guns at that speed and dangerous way of driving for such a long time? How many bullets did they have for shooting longer than an hour? And then, more 200 km with a completely destroyed car from Carrara to Siena (what a strange choice for MI6 to place a secret hideout, so distant from where Bond took the quantum man and even on the day of the Palio horse race!) without being noticed or stopped by any police control? They stop you even if you have a broken rear stop light or wrong type of tyres. (00:00:05)

Continuity mistake: After Bond throws Mathis into the dustbin, the position of Mathis' arm changes. One shot it lies in the dustbin; the next shot it lies on the edge of the dustbin. (01:04:05)

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Mr. White: The first thing you should know about us is we have people everywhere.

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Trivia: Throughout the film, Camille is shown to have a scar on her back. Olga Kurylenko had tattoo laser-removal surgery just before filming commenced and the producers worked it into the story of the film.

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Question: Was it on purpose that Strawberry Fields' death look similar to the one in Goldfinger?

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