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Corrected entry: Bond's boat in the chase scene starts out as a tiller operated 40hp outboard motor boat. At some stage it morphs into a centre console operated boat with an inboard engine.

Correction: Bond changes boats when he rams the one with the girl in, he picks her up and they both jump into a different boat to escape.

Correction: Incorrect. When we last see M in Casino Royale, Bond is talking to her from the boat that he has in Venice. We then see Bond in the final scene at Lake Como, which is about 150 miles away from Venice. Clearly a considerable amount of time has passed since they spoke, more than enough for M to have travelled to Italy along with her staff and the new Aston Martin that Bond uses in the opening chase sequence of Quantum of Solace.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: By the end of "Casino Royale" Bond's DBS was destroyed. The DBS was given to him merely to help him to appear to be a rich poker player. In the beginning of "Quantum" he has the car back in perfect condition. Does the British Government routinely hand out quarter-of-a-million-dollar supercars?

Correction: Because he does indeed have a new vehicle at the beginning of Quantum we will have to assume that the British Government did provide it for him. It is a convention of the series that Bond is provided with a new vehicle when one gets destroyed. And it is not a hand out; as Bond is often reminded in previous films, the vehicles and equipment are the property of the British Government.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dominic leaves the airport, he is in a Rolls Royce Phantom. When he arrives, he is in a Jaguar.

Correction: No it's not, it's a Jaguar the whole time. There wasn't even a Phantom in that scene.


Corrected entry: When Bond and the Bolivian Secret Agent have crash landed on the dried up river bed, Bond offers her his jacket as she is cold. When the camera cuts to her the first time her hair is tucked under the right collar of the jacket, however all other shots show her hair is on top of the collar.

Correction: So she pulled it out off camera.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Bond requests the registry of the private jet for no apparent reason (the request is never answered).

Correction: It's not answered onscreen, doesn't mean it wasn't answered at all.

Corrected entry: The film was obviously not shot in Bolivia. Neither the scenes of the airport nor the chase by the Bolivian policemen are filmed in Bolivia. La Paz is a big city and with all the modern facilities a big city has.

Correction: Many films are not shot where they claim to be set. Unless there is solid evidence on screen that it is not where they claim it to be (like, for example, a road-sign in the wrong language, or a readily identifiable landmark from the place where they actually filmed), this is not considered a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: At the hotel Greene kicks the axe and cuts his shoe and foot, however, later when Bond drops Greene in the middle of the desert and throws the can of motor oil at his feet, there is no hole in the shoe.

Correction: He in fact does have a slice in his shoe, some dried blood is also visible on the shoe.

Corrected entry: There's a scene where people fight and shoot guns inside a bar, and then Bond runs outside. There's a dog sleeping peacefully on the footpath right outside the bar. No dog would sleep through all that.

Corrected entry: The scene where Bond and Mathis are drinking at the bar onboard the plane is set on the Virgin Atlantic upper class section. However, the bar on the upper class sections are facing rearwards and not forwards. They do not show the Virgin Atlantic logo either.

Correction: So it is not a Virgin Atlantic plane, but a slightly different, privately owned and/or chartered plane. No mistake.


Corrected entry: When Bond follows a member of Quantum into bathroom to steal the earpiece, they are in the bathroom door on the right. When he exits and breaks off the door's handle, it is the handicapped WC on the left.

Correction: Not true. There is only one bathroom door and it has a handicapped sign on it.

Corrected entry: In the opening car chase, the Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo go round a pack of cars stuck in traffic. When the policeman uses his radio, you can see a blue Vauxhall Corsa in the background. You can see the badge on it and it is actually a Vauxhall Corsa with Italian number-plates, which is incorrect as Vauxhall cars are branded as Opel in continental Europe.


Correction: There are a lot of "Vauxhall" branded Corsa in continental Europe, even for right-hand driving. So they exist, even if hard to find.

Corrected entry: James Bond and Camille are being chased by a man on a motorcycle. After James Bond steps out of the car the man stops besides James. He then gets the chaser off his motorcycle by twisting the throttle on the left of the handlebar. The throttle is on the right on a motorcycle.

Correction: Not on all bikes. Indian motorcycles from years ago, as well as some British bikes have a throttle on the left grip.

Corrected entry: Bond rolled the Aston Martin 7 1/2 times in the previous movie (Casino Royale), and the scenes showing the car immediately afterwards showed it completely totalled. He was never given another vehicle, specifically never given another Aston Martin DBS during the remainder of 'CR'. This movie begins mere moments after the conclusion of the last movie, and somehow Bond is driving the DBS again, with the injured Mr. White, taking him to be interrogated.

Correction: Bond is shown being in touch with M in London before he attacks Mr White at the end of Casino Royale, but M is waiting for him at his destination, so some time has passed before Bond goes after White, enough for her to make the trip. And if she's had time to make the trip, there's been enough time for Bond to have been supplied with another Aston Martin. Given that his previous car was destroyed, the one used in the opening to this film cannot possibly be the same car. The filmmakers simply assumed that the audience would figure that one out for themselves.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bond is changing his clothes in the bathroom, he puts them in the sink where there is a movement sensor, which should have made the water turn on and soak all the clothes in the sink.

Correction: Every single one of these things I've ever encountered required me to wave my hand in front of it for several seconds to get the tap to turn on. These sensors are, apparently, not all that sensitive.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Bolivian city La Paz doesn't have an airport. The international airport is located in the neighbouring city of El Alto. Thus the airport's name is not La Paz, as it appears in the movie, but El Alto.

Correction: As has been stated many times, movies frequently use fictional locations, in the same way that they use fictional individuals (like James Bond, for example). This is an absolutely standard movie convention and is not considered a mistake.

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Corrected entry: The city of La Paz, Bolivia is shown as a humid and hot city when the truth is, its elevation is 3,640 m (11,942 ft) and the average temperature is 8°C.

Correction: The average temperature of La Paz is 18°C, not 8°C.

Corrected entry: When Bond walks into the hotel in Haiti, a notice can be seen on the inside of the door, giving instructions on what to do in case of fire in French and English. The French section is headed "EN CASE D'INCENDIE". The correct French for "in case of fire" is "en cas d'incendie". The French word "case" means various things but does not have the meaning "event" that the English word "case" does.

Correction: I stayed in a hotel in Washington once where a stairwell fire door read: "Emergency Exit Only. Alarm Will Soond ". Misspellings are possible in any language.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the opening car chase, a Land Rover Defender somehow catches up with an Alfa Romeo 159 and an Aston Martin, both being driven flat out uphill. No way a Defender could manage that.

Correction: Land Rover Defenders also come with a 3.5 litre V8 engine, and many other larger V8's fit with ease, there is no indication onscreen as to what is under the bonnet. If you wanted to get picky, you could also have stated that the Alfa isn't in the same class as the Aston either seeing as 3.2 V6 is the biggest engine in the former.


Corrected entry: During the car chase down the narrow street in the stone pit, the police truck chasing Bond drives into a house and completely destroys it. In the next shot the car falls off the edge of the street, but it's front is completely untouched. After completely destroying a house, it should at least have some dents and scratches.

Correction: This is simply not true, the car is damaged after hitting the structure. The most obvious part is the grill has been torn off.


Factual error: During the boat chase scene, Bond throws a grappling hook/anchor from the old boat he is driving onto the deck of the rubber boat "riding" his. The rubber boat is then violently yanked off of Bond's boat and crashes. This makes no sense. For the rubber boat to be yanked off that way, the other end of the anchor line would have to be tied to something stationary. However, the other end of the line is just lying in Bond's boat. There's even a shot of it sitting there.


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