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Internet Date: You don't hit me with a knife, that's called stabbing me.

Ida J. Mancini: We're not lost! We're pioneers.Blazing a trail through the new fronteir.And if you look very closely you'll see an opportunity to overcome your fear.Listen very closely, theres nothing worth having that comes without a risk.Cause I won't always be around to nag you... sometimes, its not important which way you jump... just that you jump.

Victor Mancini: My God... you're crazy.
Paige Marshall: No, I'm just... working a few things out.

Victor Mancini: We are not born equal sinners, or perfect knock-offs of God. The world tells us whether we're heroes or victims. But, we can decide for ourselves.

Victor Mancini: I still wonder about Paige. Another beautiful psycho like my mother or a twisted soulmate sent to bring me back to life. Only one way to find out.

Victor Mancini: Even the worst blowjob is better than say, sniffing the greatest rose, or watching the greatest sunset.

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