Eagle Eye

Factual error: After Jerry and Rachael steal the case, ARIA is shown somehow activating the sprinklers in a nearby bank to crowd the street. These kinds of sprinklers are controlled manually, not electronically. The only way the water can flow from the sprinkler heads is if a glass vial stopping water flow breaks from high temperature. There is no knob, switch, lever, or button that can activate these sprinklers. There's no way ARIA could interface with it, even in the future as it would never meet the fire code (if the sprinklers are electronically activated, what happens if a fire has destroyed the control mechanism?).

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Suggested correction: By the logic of the movie, the super computer should have simply hijacked another person's life and instruct him/her to set a fire manually (just like the old-man servant in the capitol, who instructed Rachael to get changed in 3 minutes).

Factual error: There is a scene where an F-16 pilot was ejected by ARIA. This is impossible as the ejection systems in fighter aircraft are purposely non-electrical (to prevent failure due to loss of power or EMP), and are shielded and controlled by isolated pyrotechnics and manual levers/cables, etc.

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Zoe Perez: You don't have a choice. Look. Now, neither of us know if either of those brothers are guilty or innocent, so on behalf of the Secretary of the Air Force, I'm going into that room.
Agent Thomas Morgan: Well, on behalf of all that fucking bomb equipment in junior pinhead's apartment, no, you're not.

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Trivia: When Jerry and Rachel are in the Circuit City, there is a poster for Disturbia, a movie that starred Shia LaBeouf and was directed by D.J. Caruso, who directed this film.

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Question: Why when they showed them being video taped was the date always 1-26-09? Was it supposed to be the future?

Answer: Yes, the movie is supposed to be set in Jan. 2009.

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