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Corrected entry: In the scene where the Duchess sees Charles Gray riding up in response to the message sent after the Duchess gave birth to her son, the day is bright and sunny. It looks like summertime. As they go to meet in the garden, it is fall. It is now grey and overcast and the leaves on the trees have changed color.

Correction: We get plenty of bright and sunny days in the Fall, and within minutes the day can go to grey and gloomy because the weather is so changeable in the Fall.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when Georgiana is talking with her mother about her engagement, the curl running down the back of Georgiana's neck disappears and reappears multiple times.


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Duke of Devonshire: I love you in the way I understand love.

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Question: Why did the Duke refuse to divorce Georgiana and marry Bess, as Georgiana herself even suggested? They lived in the 1700s. Henry VIII divorced multiple wives in the 1500s. It was possible for a nobleman to end a marriage if he wished.

Answer: Marriage was far more complicated at that time and divorce was rarely an outcome. Henry VIII, being king, could more easily break conventional rules without suffering the same consequences others would face. Historically, marriages were seldom about romantic love and were unions that were arranged by the families. In upper classes, a marriage contract was drawn and a substantial dowry by the bride's family was bestowed to the groom. It was also about forming advantageous social, economic, and political alliances. Dissolving a marriage purely to marry someone else that you preferred could result in forfeiting whatever was gained from matrimony.

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